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Pick of the Week #44 – Justice League of America #1

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It’s an extra special, extended edition of iFanboy Pick of the Week. With special guest Augie De Blieck Jr.!

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Running Time: 01:07:49

00:00:39 – We welcome Augie De Blieck Jr. of Comic Book Resources’ “Pipeline Commentary” and podcast for our first podcast crossover!

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – Conor explains why Justice League of America #1 was the least disappointing book of this week, hence his pick.

00:15:08 – We check in with Augie’s Picks of the Week, which boiled down to Daredevil #88 and Uncle Scrooge #357 and guess what? Uncle Scrooge #357 won. But we do get some ultra geek typography nitpicks on Daredevil #88.
00:26:03 – Conor and Ron were surprised by the fact that the change in the artists on The Flash #3 made the issue really good!
00:29:05 – None of us are buying into the hype of Ultimate Spider-Man #99 and we revisit the Bagley leaving the book issue.
00:35:43 – People seem to loved Batman #656 but Josh didn’t. It’s so meta!
00:39:18 – We can’t move on without mentioning 52 Week 16 and how The Question confuses the hell out of Josh and Ron.
00:42:30 – Augie read Heroes for Hire #1 and said it was okay if that’s your sort of thing.

00:43:34 – Elias from San Diego, CA wants to know if it’s okay to read Preacher, Vol. 2 before volume one?
00:46:06 – Roger from Lafayette, LA is curious if Civil War delay is caused by a story change.
00:47:52 – Jim from Billerica wants to know if Invincible’s powers could be increased by a moustache?

00:50:48 – Anonymous wants to know where to buy comics in New York City?
00:54:04 – Gaumer doesn’t think anything is the way it should be in the Marvel Universe.
00:57:34 – Chris from Pittsburgh, PA has some thoughts about the Civil War delays and wants to know what podcasts we listen to?

01:01:49 – The Frappr map is at 305. We know there are more of you!

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Thanks to Augie De Blieck Jr. and be sure to check out his column, “Pipeline Commentary” and his podcast. We heartily recommend both!

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