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Pick of the Week #42 – The Escapists #2

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Our cosmic search for answers lead us to the recording of the this week’s Pick of the Week, where the answer apparently is Brian K. Vaughan’s The Escapists #2!

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Running Time: 00:56:38

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – We dive right in as Josh talks up this week’s Pick of the Week — The Escapists #2.

00:10:22 – Ultimate Spider-Man #2 is compared to the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends special.
00:12:26 – Ron explains what Josh and Conor are missing by not reading Annihilation #1.
00:19:03 – How can we not talk about Civil War? Civil War: Front Line #5 and Ms. Marvel #6.
00:24:34 – Conor’s been sucked back into Martian Manhunter #1 and 52 Week 14 was only mildly interesting.
00:26:41 – Josh is perplexed by Jeph Loeb writing both Wolverine and Ultimate Wolverine.

00:30:12 – Ryan wants to know who would win in a fight: Spider-Man or Wolverine?
00:32:46 – Kurt from Spartanburg, SC wants to know what we’d like to see done with Silver Surfer.
00:35:58 – Shawn wants to know what are some of the “can’t miss”/”must read” creator runs in recent DC history and if he should get trades or back issues.
00:40:43 – Raymond from California is curious as to what the big deal with the Watchmen is.
00:43:33 – Gaumer is pissed off at the attire at the wedding of Black Panther and Storm. So is Ron.

00:46:34 – Andy from Charlotte, NC thinks Dan DiDio of DC sounds like an asshole. Is he? (Not at all, he rules. We love DC Comics)
00:48:22 – Andrew from Birmingham, AL wants to know what we think of the upcoming Batman Confidential and Superman Confidential.

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00:52:39 – The Frappr map is up to 283 people.

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“Waiting for Somebody”
Paul Westerberg


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