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Pick of the Week #59 – Strangers in Paradise #86

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:59:36

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Ron picked a downer in Strangers In Paradise #86 as the Pick of the Week. But it was sooo good.

00:15:43 – Detective Comics #826 warms the cockles of Conor’s heart with Paul Dini’s tale of The Joker.
00:19:00 – Conversely, Batman Confidential #1 did the opposite.
00:23:48 – Is it possible that Justice Society of America #1 could have been ANY better than it was? Probably not, cause it was awesome.
00:26:22 – Why did we buy New Universal #1? We have no idea.
00:28:22 – One of the few constants in comics, Jonah Hex #14 delivered the goods yet again.
00:30:27 – Unfortunately the Marvel Holiday Special 2006 did not deliver. Ron blames Mike Carey.

Avengers Casting Contest Results:
00:31:18 – Congratulations to the three winners of the “Cast an Avengers Movie Challenge!”:

• David Hellam
• Fractal514
• David Weter

Head over to the Contest Results to see their winning casts. The winners will be receiving a copy of Marvel SceneIt? brought to you by ScreenLife.

00:50:35 – Chris wants some Absolute editions of Vertigo titles.

00:51:45 – Dave from Denver wants to know if we heard about a Stephen King comic book?
00:53:17 – Dan from Indiana wants to know what we thought of the Donner Cut of Superman 2 and what our grades for Civil War and 52 are?
00:55:23 – If you’re in New York City, watch our for Darrel.

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“She Bangs The Drum”
The Stone Roses


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