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iFanboy Mini #45 – Pick of the Week: Captain Britain and MI:13 #1

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick was feeling down on Marvel Comics’ summertime mega-crossover event, Secret Invasion. That is, he was feeling down about it until he read Captain Britain and MI:13 #1!

Now, that was just what the doctor ordered! Skrull punching! Throat biting! And a Skrull who looks like John Lennon!

Check out Conor’s full review here!


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  1. Great episode. I’m going to pick this up when I pick up my comics on Monday. And what’s this I see at Revision3? Ron Richards is on Social Brew! I’m going to get my second dose of iFanboys today (even if it may not be about comics).

  2. back and to the left my brother 


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