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iFanboy Mini #44 – What Were They Thinking? Iron Man’s Roller Skates

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The Avengers #94 is a story from the middle of the “Kree-Skrull War” storyline, and in this issue The Avengers fight the Mandroids of S.H.I.E.L.D. and are getting their butts handed to them, until Iron Man pulls out his secret weapon… roller skates!

Really? Roller skates?

Yes, really.


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  1. I think we just found out what Favreau’s plans are for Iron Man 2!

    @Ron: Awesome T-shirt!

  2. I didn’t know "our" Iron Man had skates. Here’s what I love about this: Arno Stark, better known as the Iron Man of 2020, had a highly advanced futuristic set of armor, and that also had roller skates. His writers did not foresee the inline advancements coming.

    Even when I was 11… "2020? Skates? Really?Listen, if I ever get jet boots in 2020, I’ll tell you one thing I won’t need. Hint: ball bearings and wheels."

  3. "What Were They Thinking" has the potential to become my favorite favorite.

    The Gauntlet has been thrown, Josh needs to come up with a theme show to xombat Conor’s forray into the storage vault  and Ron’d brainchild. Go Josh Go!

  4. This just dredged up memories of the Blue Streak. Ugh…Marvel.

  5. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I second that. Josh needs a theme show!

  6. In all fairness, this story was preceded a few issues back with the Vision declaring "Three cows shot me down" before keeling over in the Avengers HQ.  So, yeah, weird time in Avengers history.

  7. Yes, very weird time -but the "3 cows shot me down" line makes sense given the skrulls place in the story etc.  I don’t think its THAT weird.

  8. Well, yeah, but even when they explain it with the Skrulls, it’s still an odd way to start a space epic.

    Maybe Tony was banking on them being so confused as to why Iron Man has skates on, that their brains would stall trying to register the logic behind it and Tony could take them down.  Obviously, it work out, but, hey, gotta try some new things every now and then.

  9. I always thought Iron man had the roller skates to conserve power since his armor was always running down in those days. Using them as a secret weapon though, yeah, not so great. At least he got taken down fairly easily for his crazyness.

    I don’t really remember the roller skates when I originally read this issue, I guess I wasn’t really fazed by them that much.

  10. Josh! Probably all a blure for you but it was nice to talk to you at NYCC!

    Ha! sign me up for the ‘what were they thinking’ fan club!

    Some of those old books are loopy. Lots of material.

    I’m pretty sure i read that as a kid, i rember iron man on skates! Go Tony! 

    Robert on skates would probably be fun…not with the suit, with some girls. It’s base, i know, but that’s Tony.

    [ponder] I kind of think i know what they were thinking

    Really as a kid reading that, i thought it was really really funny, and i think as an adult now i have to say it seems like it was ment to be. Seems like a big wink to the kids, It’s really silly, comics were then more often than not. That’s how i remember it anyway, old man me.

    Also, i’ll bet there was an advert for skates in that issue….


  11. Ack, brain fart, mesmerized by the call for Josh to have his own show! Damn you Jeffrey F. Rayport it’s Viral!

    Ron, hi, Ron.





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