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iFanboy Mini #15 – Pick of the Week: Action Comics #863

Show Notes

In a move that surprised even himself, Conor Kilpatrick says this last arc in Geoff Johns’ Action Comics is the best Superman he’s read in years.

Take a look at the pretty Gary Frank artwork while you’re here.

Despite everything that should be, it is written that Action Comics #863 is the Pick of the Week!


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  1. I have to say that likeness to Christopher Reeve is both really cool and slightly unsettling. 

    Conor Kilpatrick: King of Beards!!!

  2. Indeed that is one manly beard.  I have a King of Beards… among sixth graders.

    I agree this is probably the best Superman story I have read.  I’m usually not a fan and to be excited for this book each week is almost hard to understand for me.  Althought I’m a broken record on this I think it’s mostly the Legion history that Johns managed to get into this book.

  3. Conor, if this was the end of the arc do you recommend that I pick up the next issue??  It’s still Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Jonathan Sibal…or should I just make sure to pick this arc up in trade when I get the chance.

  4. @Dez – See if this sounds up your alley:

    Action Comics #684 

    Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal; Cover by Kevin Maguire

    General Zod! Bizarro World! The Legion of Super-Heroes! What’s next for the Man of Steel? Superman attempts to get back to his life as Clark Kent, but when you’re the world’s greatest hero there’s trouble around every corner, behind every planet and within every dimension. 


    Couldn’t hurt to give it a try.  Kevin Maguire!  Awesome.  Butr you should definitely pick this arc up when it comes out in trade. 

  5. That is some really good art now that I see it in the video.  I’m a little surprised that I didn’t jump on for this arc considering I like to give most Legion stuff at least a shot, I definitely will look to pick up the trade.

  6. Wow that art was great. I’m totally getting the next arc now.

  7. @conor – Thanks, I think I will.

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