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iFanboy Mini #125 – Book of the Month: A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Lindbergh Child

Show Notes

While the title is impossibly long, the contents are remarkably clear. A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Lindbergh Child is basically a straight-up, just-the-facts presentation of the mystery of what happened to Charles Lindbergh’s kidnapped son in 1932.

This cartoon documentary goes over what is known and what isn’t, and is a great example of something comic books can be, and it’s not what most people expect.

Rick Geary is a master, and his book is impossible to put down if you like true crime.

Read Josh Flanagan’s full review here!


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  1. Stupid question, and probably already know the answer too….Does the book of the month have to be a new book or a new printing of a book? Cause I got confused on earlier BOTM’s but now with this one…clearly this has been out for awhile right? Sorry stupid question but it’s maddening to me now…

  2. No rules about the BOM.  A lot of times, we’ll try to find something that’s just come out, because that’s more exciting, but my last BOM wasn’t new at all. 

    This book, however, was only released a few weeks back. 

  3. Basically knew I had to get this before even watching based on who they executed for the kidnapping.

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