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iFanboy Mini #12 – New Comics Preview: 04/02/2008

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We might not be able to get up off the couch, but here are the the books you’ve got to check out this week:


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  1. I think I am most excited for Nightwing since I’m not getting the other two.  I dare say it’s the best batbook coming out of DC at the moment.

  2. Ron seems distracted somehow … could it be the backwards video? Or the 3,000 mile commute?

  3. Whatever it is, it’s not an "I love comics" moment.

  4. Ron’s always planning for world domination.


  5. why is the video backwards?

  6. Dick/Tim scenes in Nightwing just make me gleeful.  It’s been lovely.

  7. I really was going to drop this book for the lateness and the art change. But the story of howard porter injuring his hand but still trying to finish the job got to me, so I´ll be finishing this collection no matter what.

    Anyone else is getting the feeling that Evil Shazam Woman uniform looks a lot like Batwoman´s costume.  

    (Project X: Ifanboy Mini) 

  8. You boys are being silly here on April Fools Day!

  9. Yeah, backwards video again. This happened to me on the previous one. Is this some sort of joke, or what?

  10. Warning. If your video is playing backwards, you may have a virus.  But it only affects one video a year.

  11. Actually, I think whatever this is, it only seems to affect the streaming flash videos. I started to watch The Totally Rad Show, and it was also playing backwards. But then, I downloaded the video and watched it in Windows Media Player, and it worked just fine.

    I also have some very good anti-virus software (avast!), and I’ve never had a virus just sneak by and affect my computer in such a singular, specific way. One video a year? Who’s ever heard of such a thing? How does one even end up with such a pointless, whacky virus (since I’m apparently not the only one)? More importantly, how does one find it and get rid of it? 

  12. *cough*It’s not a virus, he was kidding*cough*

  13. what a cruel april fools. everyone knows conor’s feet look horrible when they’re switched like that!

  14. For the love of chocolate pudding, I hate this stupid, freaking "holiday".


  15. You know, it so rare that I actually laugh aloud when I type "LOL." This time is the exception.

    Sorry johnpavlich. Hey–I didn’t realize it was a joke until torippu pointed it out.

  16. it’s ^^^

  17. I’m hoping it’s just the extended wait between issues that keeps me from being excited about Trials of Shazam.  I think I’ll try out the trade when I get a chance.

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