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iFanboy Mini #104 – Stan Lee at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Show Notes

Stan Lee’s company POW! Entertainment has got some very cool projects coming up, in addition to his work with Virgin Comics, Stan just won’t stop working on comics!

A fixture at the San Diego Comic-Con, Stan Lee makes a special iFanboy appearance and even meets one of the iFanbase, Cass Wall (esophogus on the forums).


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  1. If I can ask: Why was Stan in a panel with Grant Morrison? I dont think their doing anything together…so was it some type of ‘legends’ panel or something?

    Good interview though, you guys and Stan Lee just seem to click for some reason. No joke, the first big interview you did with him was one of the best things done on the website. I could listen to another one if you guys are up to talk with him again. He’s like a grandfather; he’s crazy but he’s got hours of interesting discussions you could talk about.

    (BTW: Although he is a legend….I still cant excuse him for those cartoon films and Stripperella…*shudders*)

  2. Stan Lee is a GOD!!!!

  3. Getting to ask that Doombot question seems like the culmination of a lifelong ambition. Way to slip that in there.

  4. I don’t remember a lot of that interview because I was too busy just staring at Stan.

     Thanks again!

  5. Stan and Grant were on a panel together hosted by Virgin Comics as they’re both working on projects at Virgin of some sort.  It was a thrill to see them on stage together.

    and yes Jimski, I was afraid I might have flown too close to the sun on the Doombot question, but he laughed very sincerely. 

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