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Make Comics #48 – Cover

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No, it turns out that we haven’t done a show about the cover. And what is more important than that? A listener question kicks off a conversation about what is important to a comic book cover. What does it need to be effective? What about the logo? There are so many variables, and Josh Flanagan and Andy Schmidt go on and on.

Running Time: 00:17:31


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Andy Schmidt is the founder of the online comic book school Comics Experience, as well as a former editor at Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing. Josh Flanagan has been working on iFanboy.com, talking, reviewing, and thinking about comics for over a decade, as well as writing and creating some of his own.

If you’re interested in going further, you can check out Comics Experience, where there are plenty of classes available in all the disciplines of comic book creation from writing to drawing to coloring to lettering.

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  1. What are some example of your favorite covers? Both mainstream and indie.

  2. man… i ALWAYS have trouble with covers.
    I don’t know what it is.
    interior work just comes easier to me than a single image
    that can really grab someone.
    I just always stumble when it comes to them.
    i’ve had plenty of people do guest covers for me
    and they always do a far greater job than i could haha
    but this was a good episode.
    yah CE should have a class on covers and on writing synopsis’ for
    submissions packages, that’s where i keep getting stuck.
    how do you condense a series into a single page, grab the editors attention, and invoke confidence in the ideas you’re trying to relate?

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