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Make Comics #23 – Make Digital Comics

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Digital comics aren’t just a boon for the consumer, but for the creator as well. Frankly, it’s a big conversation, but Josh Flanagan and Andy Schmidt touch on the basic idea of creators using digital to break in to the industry, but it depends a lot on what your goals are as a creator though. Then Andy turns the tables on Josh, and starts asking him questions about digital (as iFanboy is owned by Graphicly), and how prospective creators can take advantage of the services out there and available. If you’ve been wondering where to start with making your comics available digitally, this is where you can start.

Running Time: 00:15:53

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Andy Schmidt is the founder of the online comic book school Comics Experience, as well as a former editor at Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing. Josh Flanagan has been working on iFanboy.com, talking, reviewing, and thinking about comics for over a decade, as well as writing and creating some of his own.

If you’re interested in going further, you can check out Comics Experience, where there are plenty of classes available in all the disciplines of comic book creation from writing to drawing to coloring to lettering.

Got a question for the podcast? Send it to info@comicsexperience.com and put “MAKE COMICS PODCAST” in the subject line!

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode.
    I personally made the switch from print to digital self publishing a few years back.
    the growing costs were ruining my ability to even travel to conventions and get a table to expose people the works.

    probably the hardest part of digital comics is exposure. that weird part of marketing on the internet, that leaves you wondering if anyone out there knows you’re alive, because the net is so vast.
    it’s easy to get lost in the sea.

    i’ve been creating HQ versions of my issues for sale on my site as well as on graphicly, but as you guys said
    you can’t just sit and wait for people to stumble across your work.
    I do wish i could figure a good way to market a digital book at a physical convention.
    it’s a hard sell. maybe getting easier as tablet become more conventional, but still quite a ways off from being the norm.

    i look forward to you guys covering this topic more in the future.
    thanks for all the great episodes.

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