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iFanboy #61 – WonderCon 2008

Show Notes


WonderCon is not for the faint of heart. While WonderCon seems like a nice little convention — quaint even — it is more than it seems.

In addition to showing you the convention floor, and interviewing talented creators, iFanboy gives you a glimpse at some great parties at Isotope: The Comics Lounge, like the one for Darwyn Cooke and the release of the New Frontier animated film.

Then we lose Conor for a little while and Josh succumbs to a fierce illness.

Yet this will not stop iFanboy. If you want to find out about James Robinson’s take on Superman, Robert Kirkman’s abuse of The Walking Dead characters, and Mark Bagley’s super speedy hands, this episode of iFanboy is your ticket to the convention, and there’s no way you can catch the sickness this way.

Also appearing in this episode: Terry Moore, Becky Cloonan, and Rick Remender!


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  1. Flying home sick. Sounds dandy.

  2. It was easily the worst flight of my life.

  3. You gotta think in the long term, Josh. IFANBOY is easily the best comics podcast around. And you’re growing by leaps and bounds. You will all (eventually) earn a king’s ransom and swim in personalized Scrooge McDuck money bins. All for readin’ funny papers. Lucky bastards.

    What I’m tryin’ to say is: Next time, don’t fly coach.  

  4. Gentlemen, the show looks AMAZING in HD! And an amazing show to boot!

    One question; Who chose Harmonium by Rogue Wave for the first montage? They’re my favourite band ever (saw them last month in a 50-seater club)! 

  5. I loved every bit of this (does Mark Bagley ever stop drawing?  Has anyone here ever seen him not drawing) but I think Josh’s rant about San Francisco city blocks while lying on the table sends it off the scale of awesomeness.  You obviously suffered for art here, so — at least it paid off?

  6. Connor definately had the "don’t even try to ask me about who/what I did last night" look on his face when he showed up late.

  7. I wish wondercon hadn’t been when it was so that I may have been able to attend.

  8. Boy, Robinson seems THRILLED to be talking to Josh… :-p

    Love the con shows! For me, this is the way to enjoy cons. I love what you can get out of them, but being there, not so much… Great work, guys!

  9. The con shows are easily my favorite ones because I get to live vicariously through you wonderful gents.  I can’t wait to watch this one later today.

  10. Great show guys.  Kirkman and Remender crack me up and they seem like really cool guys.  I loved that Bagley kept drawing while you interviewed him.  The man literally never stops working. 

    And Josh, I get the feeling that you may have gotten even more sick from laying on that floor.  It doesn’t look very clean.  But I appreciate the sacrifice for comedy.

  11. I didn’t realise Conor was a woodwork teacher…

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