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iFanboy #260 – Robert Kirkman of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Invincible’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (Part Two)

Show Notes

We started San Diego Comic-Con 2012 by talking with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and we end the con by talking to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

It’s Sunday, 5 PM and the con is shutting down, but that doesn’t stop us from the hilarity that ensues as we talk about the dominance of The Walking Dead at the con, what with the obstacle course and issue #100 breaking all sorts of records. We also chat with Kirkman about his other projects, watch as he signs autographs, and swap tales of the homeless of San Diego.

As always, this is a must watch, if anything to watch it all fall apart at the end…

We hope you enjoy the last of our San Diego Comic-Con coverage!


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  1. Goddamnit, this might be my favorite Robert Kirkman interview-video podcast ever.

  2. I had to rewind the “huuu handjob” comment multiple times because i couldn’t stop laughing over the rest of the interview…

  3. That was fun. I love that guy. The homeless story was good stuff. You guys need to do a “Drinkin’ with Kirkman” video episode. Just sit down with him. Hand him some sweet, sweet Kentucky Bourbon and let him tell stories. I would watch that shit all day.

  4. The end of the apocalypse. Good one.

  5. This is the craziest Robert Kirkman Show ever.

    And also the most telling. Cause, how many years ago it was you started this, Kirkman seemed to be an easy interview to get. Now you got security telling you to end the interview. That’s just crazy to think how big Kirkman has gotten in the last year.

  6. Clean-energy guy killed me. Also, “the Jack Arnold Special.”

    Well done, gents.

  7. When Kirkman takes the mic you know some serious shit’s going down.

  8. Great way to finish your coverage, guys. So. What’s next?

  9. Tons of fun as always. I love that bearded lunatic. Great job on all the videos fellas. Thoroughly enjoyable all around.

  10. Nice job on all these videos, dudes!

    Like with Word Balloon, I found myself really digging the interviews even if I wasn’t all that familiar or into the work of the interviewee.

    Well done!

  11. Kirkman is the real deal

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