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iFanboy #253 – Ramón K. Pérez of ‘Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Show Notes

This has been a pretty good year for Ramón K. Pérez. With Archaia’s Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand garnering massive critical acclaim, as well as an iFanboy Book of the Month win, he’s been established as one of the best cartoonists to hit the scene in a while.

In San Diego, three Eisners solidified that praise, and we get a chance to talk to him about his impressions of this unusual graphic novel born from an old Jim Henson screenplay. We talk about the fascinating approach to the world of surreal fiction, and just what’s coming up next for the newly minted comic book superstar as well.


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  1. Good interview. Josh has a good observation about the sense of motion and urgency in the story reflecting in the flow and momentum of the panels. I remember thinking after I read the book that I couldn’t imagine reading in anything more than a single sitting.

    I have to admit that I am a little more interested in what that next Archaia book will be but who has a guess on which Marvel title he was talking about?

  2. Loving these mini-eps, & it was a real pleasure to see Perez talking about Tale (utterly brilliant book). The outtakes were a bonus as well. Thumbs up, Josh!

  3. Was totally waiting for Josh to say “I like big hairy Balls” but it never happened 🙁
    Next time guys, I mean come on!!!

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