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iFanboy #137 – Pick of the Week #200 Live! The Audience Questions

Show Notes

In part two of the 200th episode of iFanboy’s Pick of the Week show — live in front of a studio audience at Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City — the guys turn the microphone over to the audience!

Here’s what happened:

  • Gabe incites Mayhem! and asks about the progress of podcasting.
  • The guys are found by Darrell, who wants to know who the next crop of indie stars to make it in the mainstream.
  • Steve wants to know who else we want to interview and where iFanboy comes from.
  • Stephen is thinking about paper stock.
  • Brian asks about a Marvel answer to Wednesday Comics.
  • Chris asks what 3 things we’d remove from comic-dom.
  • Ali follows up her top 5 series questions from the BBQ show that Josh didn’t answer, and checks our corps status.
  • Jennifer asks which creators still got it after all these years.
  • Chris asks about our favorite comic book video games.



Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. I want to apologize to Michael (Excalipoor) David, and Michael who didn’t make it on the show for purely technical reasons.

  2. Heh, that’s weird. When I originally listened to this, I paused and closed it right after Chris’ question. Now iFanboy cuts off the part, I for some strange reason never listened to. 

  3. I do like it how your in the Simpsons/Manga section. What an odd grouping…

    Also: The credit sequence was for the ladies I see 😉

  4. Fairwell video show, you will be missed.

  5. Thanks again for a great time, guys!  This was a blast, and it’s great having a video record of it.

  6. It’s so awesome and odd at the same time to see and hear myself on this video! After the initial reaction (aka: jesus christ I’m fat!) I was really stoked to be apart of this video. I was even more stoked to meet a good chunk of the guys I talk to and bitch to on this site. It was a great experience, I hope it happens again!


    Peelander-Z represent!

  7. Silly Prax, you know everyone loves you.  You just wanted to hear us say it 😉

    Great to put some faces to all those post I read every day 😀

  8. As Drake said, It’s always nice to put some faces to some names.  Looks like there was a nice turnout for you too.  Still disappointed that I couldn’t come (stupid New York City being built so far away from western Ohio!), but I enjoyed it virtually.

    Here’s hoping your video break finds you rested and invigorated for the next 137 episodes!

  9. Great video, albiet a bit redundant, BUT!!!  I understand you guys are on a very well deserved break.

    Seems vacation was all Conner was thinking about.  Why so quiet, buddy?

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for future episodes.  Come back to us refreshed and ready to take on comicdom!


  10. Will Prax look like i imagined him? in a twined jacket with leather patches and corduroy pants?

     Let’s found out!

  11. My love of Ink Panthers has no bounds.

  12. Why. Can’t. I. Pause. This?!?

  13. I had the same problem the other day. It would appear that Revision3 is having trouble with their flash player.

  14. Great Show guys!!  🙂

    Haha! So Ali IS a real girl! 🙂  And, I don’t think Ennis really went away, he just writes more and more comics, so his ‘fame’ is more diversified and not as focused as it was in the past.

     Plus, I’m totally with you guys on the video game thing.  I mean, I love some rpg’s and esp, any Mechwarrior games, but for me, right now, comics fulfill my need for fantasy more than anything and video games take up sooo much time!

     Well, I hope you guys get a good rest on your break, but when you come back you’ll be nice and refreshed! 🙂

  15. That’s a very strong point about the three month in advance solicitations.  

  16. Damn you technical reasons, you hath defeated my twenty seconds of being on a video podcast!!!

    No worries, just keep making awesome things. 

  17. @PraxJarvin – I like that you asked them this question.  I would have liked slightly more specific answers (perhaps creative team examples), but it was cool that they agreed that it would work.

    @ato220 – Interesting question.  I would give my answer, but it might offend 3 members of the iFanbase.
    It was cool seeing so many of you in attendance and doing an excellent job representing the ifanbase with excellent questions and polite interaction.  I wish I’d been able to attend.

  18. I think it was only videos posted on other sites (I checked the video before this, same problem on this site) but I had no problem on the Revision3 site.

    I also learned that when I scroll through the video on the Rev3 site, I can hold it in place and make you guys sound like you’re a record and I’m a DJ. I had fun with that for a minute or two.
    "P-P-P-Prax-ax-Prax-J-J-Jarvin-arvin-Prax-arvin-on the s-on the-Jarvin-on the site"… in my mind, it’s 1995 and DJ jokes are still funny.

  19. wow i just watched it and im fatter than i thought and my hair line starts in back of my head. thank guys mt diet starts sunday.

    but in all seriousness it was fun night and thank you for answering my questions 

  20. Pretty good show overall. As a season finale it was lacking a good cliffhanger =) 

  21. @cyberauron – Remember: The camera adds 15 pounds….and there are two cameras on you.

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