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iFanboy – Episode #229 – The Vault! Heathentown, Scenes From An Impending Marriage, & Baby’s in Black: The Story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe

Show Notes

Every once in a while iFanboy likes to reach deep into their comic book vaults and pull out gems to share with everyone. Sometimes there’s a theme to the books and this week it’s books without color.


Before he took on the Red Hulk, fan-favorite artist Gabriel Hardman drew a creepy creator owned story involving zombie mammoths, the dark secrets of a swamp, and meat hooks. Oh, the meat hooks.

Scenes From An Impending Marriage

Indie darling Adrian Tomine got married. But before he did he chronicled the lead up to the marriage in a delightful and charming series of vignettes that may or may not have ended up as a party favor at his wedding.

Baby’s in Black: The Story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe

You probably know the story of John, Paul, George, and Ringo? But do you know about Astrid and Stuart?


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  1. A Scouser’s accent (someone from Liverpool) is much harder to understand than that! Josh’s is more Mancuian than anything else

  2. Forbidden Planet! Woo!

  3. I haven’t heard of any of these so I’m really looking forward to this.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Adriane Tomine’s Optic Nerve, so his new graphic novel about marriage would be interesting. I wondered if you’d seen/read Chester Brown’s book, Paying For It? It’s about his experiences paying for prostitution and his thoughts on the subject. I thought it was pretty interesting.

  5. Love the vault shows, good show, lots to think about. Gosh! is a great store.
    Now i have to spend more money, middle earth shekels. Job well done.

  6. yay gosh comics!

  7. This might be the first time in my two years of watching the video show that i actually want to order all three books in the vault show. And the last one…Ron, you had me when you said “the Beatles”.

  8. Guys, I really appreciate these vault shows. As I was watching the episode, I loaded up my library’s website and requested Heathentown, then loaded up my latest DCBS order and added Scenes from an Impending Marriage to it. Sadly, the Beatles book isn’t available from either place, so I’m just out of luck there. It’s always nice to read fun, well written, non-superhero stuff.

  9. great books, not a huge fan of black and white books but those looked really good. great show.

  10. WHOA! Baby’s in Black. I’m a big Beatles fan. I must pick this up.

  11. you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO tell me where you got that shirt ron

  12. so, i only recently found the site several months ago and as a 30 yr comic book collector, ifanboy has got to one the best web based content available for fans. i recently downloaded ALL the available HD episodes and finally finished them a few weeks ago. currently stockpiled in an external hard drive. i wait every week for the full video podcasts. i enjoy the lengthy discussions, the history, and the sheer knowledge that the three of you convey. keep up the good work!

  13. It’s pronounced “TO-MI-NAY,” not to be a smartass.

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