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Pick of the Week #82 – Captain America #26

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:08:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:54 – Josh was all about Captain America #26 this week.

00:16:23 – The Spirit #6 was a close second, and Ron declares it’s a must read.
00:19:45 – If Conor had to make a Pick, it would have been Criminal #6.
00:23:14 – You know who he is, Ron thinks you should check out Madman #2.
00:25:38 – The Irredeemable Ant-Man #8 is still delivering it for Josh.
00:28:28 – Conor and Ron are shocked that Hellblazer is up to 232 issues.

Trade Talk:
00:31:31 – You should go buy The Homeless Channel from AiT/PlanetLar.

00:33:44 – Rob M. from Leicester, UK is curious about gender roles and representation in comics.
00:39:13 – Josh from Kentucky wants Ultimate Spider-Manto age.
00:42:27 – Aaron S. wonders if there were any good comics from the 90’s.
00:46:10 – Adam from Washington, England wants to know what happened to us?

00:49:30 – Ben from St. Louis wants to know if there are any comics for new dads?
00:52:21 – Sean from Dallas doesn’t get why some words are bold in comics.
00:53:01 – Darrel’s back! And he’s got a mouthful.
00:55:12 – Ron from Michigan needs some advice for reading comics at the gym.
00:57:30 – Luke from Denver uses the Netflix and wants to recommend The Nightly News.

00:59:12 – Are you an artist? Check out the Writers/Artists thread on the iFanboy Forums
01:00:31 – Did you enjoy the Black Panther bit from last week? Enter the contest for your interpretation of the Black Panther as a bad houseguest.
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