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Pick of the Week #58 – Powers #21

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:55:02

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – It’s been a a year, so Josh figured it was ok to pick Powers #21 as the Pick of the Week. Good thing it was awesome.

00:09:05 – Conor thought this week’s 52 was the best issue ever. Why? Batman.
00:11:09 – Ron and Josh were impressed with the first issue of The Immortal Iron Fist.
00:13:53 – Surprisingly, Ron was the only one who bought Batman/The Spirit #1 and LOVED it. Instead, Conor bought Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1, but somehow Josh didn’t. Conor and Josh lose! Ron is the winner!
00:16:11 – Josh liked Mike Carey’s Crossing Midnight #1.
00:19:16 – Ron was surprised to report that X-Men #193 and The Flash #6 weren’t that awful.

Trade Talk:
00:20:37 – We all read the graphic novel American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and loved it.
00:23:20 – Conor and Ron render Josh speechless with a HUGE surprise relating to Fables!

00:28:36 – Marvel Scene It? Contest Winners!

• Erik Brown
• Luke Batt

Go to the iFanboy Wallpaper Contest page to download their wallpaper as well as the other entries.

00:30:27 – We had so much fun with the last contest, we decided to do another! We’ve got more copies of Marvel SceneIt? courtesy of ScreenLife to give away. So this week’s contest is a casting contest!

Cast an Avengers movie with the following lineup:

• Captain America
• Ant-Man
• The Wasp
• The Vision
• Scarlet Witch
• Hawkeye
• Thor
BONUS: Jarvis

Send an e-mail to contact@ifanboy.com with the subject: CASTING CONTEST by Friday, December 8th 2006 @ 5 PM ET

00:34:10 – Zach is worried that stories will move away from the synergistic storylines and comics are less about characters and more about events.
00:36:45 – MostExtremeBrian from Texas asks if we ever read Midnight Nation by JMS? Because he digs it.
00:38:37 – Ben is curious if we’d like to see any characters revitalized? He’d love to see The Shadow.
00:40:41 – Vichus S. agrees DC fans should be called DC Drones.

00:41:09 – Darren from CA wants more Josh doing Augie impressions.
00:42:18 – Tolly from Arkansas wants to know what we think about the recent changes to the Marvel Family over at DC.
00:45:50 – Gavin from Seattle is teaching a class about Comic Books and wants advice on what to teach.

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