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Pick of the Week #56 – Checkmate #8

Show Notes

Ron Richards pulls Checkmate #8 out of his hat and shocks his fellow iFanboys. Civil War #5 didn’t deliver the goods, we’re sick of Iron Man and we still love The Escapists! You HAVE to read Project X: Cup Noodle (yes its manga!) We also answer listener e-mail and voicemails.

NOTE: There’s a phantom audio glitch in this week’s podcast about halfway through. We apologize.

Running Time: 00:53:46

Pick of the Week:
00:01:26 – Ron shocks the world by selecting Checkmate #8 as the Pick of the Week.

00:08:10 – It’s This Week in Iron Man as we discuss Civil War #5, The New Avengers #25, and The Invincible Iron Man #13.
00:18:16 – Josh and Conor loved Robin #156!
00:20:55 – Everyone loved The Escapists #5.

Trade Talk:
00:23:45 – Ron took a dip into manga and he absolutely loved Project X – Challengers: Nissin Cup Noodle!

00:30:16 – It’s the first ever iFanboy contest!

00:32:44 – Zack (currently deployed) in Kuwait wants to know how to break into comics as a writer, and if we’d support a Darkhawk relaunch.
00:35:03 – Christian thinks Fables is the best non-superhero book on the market.
00:36:18 – Garrick was so upset about the Fables discussion that he has unsubscribed from our show.
00:41:28 – Cynthia wants to know if the movie studios would ever redo Daredevil.
00:42:30 – Pat is wondering when the new comic book renaissance began.
00:44:01 – The Black Pixar sends in the best “who would win?” e-mail ever!
00:45:55 – Miguel wants to know about good JSA stories.
00:47:03 – Gerald wants Josh to do more voices. Really?

00:48:13 – Joe from Rockdale, South Carolina just read Watchmen and loved it and wants more recommendations!
00:49:09 – Augie De Blieck Jr. from The Pipeline Podcast is back with a Shat-tastic message.

00:50:59 – Another big week for the Frappr map. We’re at… um, we dunno!! Check it out!

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