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DON’T MISS: Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 with Phil Hester

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Running Time: 18:00

This week's Don't Miss is all about the return of GODZILLA! Listen in as Phil Hester talks about the series that pulled him out of semi-retirement as an artist. Hester teams-up with Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh to revive the giant lizard as GODZILLA and the rest of the Kingdom of Monsters unleash destruction upon the world.  Find out what Kaiju are featured, and what Phil's thoughts are on Godzookie and… Perry Mason? If you love giant fire breathing monsters that can crush small villages, this is one you Don't Want To Miss!

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1
Story by Eric Powell & Tracy Marsh
Art by Phil Hester
Cover by Eric Powell & Alex Ross

$3.99 – IDW

Blue Oyster Cult


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  1. Wow, flashback time. Godzookie from the 1970’s cartoon? Awesome. And who doesn’t know that Raymond Burr was cut into the original movie for an American release. Turn in your geek membership for that one.
    I had a Godzilla Marvel comic from the 1970’s where the Avengers try to stop the monsters rampage. God, 1970’somics were fun!!!

  2. @MikeG Hey man you should totally pick up the Marvel ESSENTIAL GODZILLA collection, those reprints are fantastic! 😀

    GAAAAAH I haven’t listened to this yet, but thank you so much for conducting this interview, iFanboy!!!
    I just read this first issue and as a life-long G-Fan, had a really, really great time doing so! I really hope this franchise does well for IDW and that they continue to publish and expand the line well into the future 🙂 

  3. 70’s Marvel is great but Godzilla!!! I ordered it from because it was 99 cents so I grabbed both covers plus the big incentive cover they talked about…only thing is I have to wait for it! And I ordered Hellraiser #1 at the same time!

    Great talk! Thanks iFanboY!

  4. I still need to pick this up.  I’m so happy theyre using canonical Toho monsters.

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