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Pick of the Week #45 – X-Factor #10

Show Notes

It’s a rowdy week as we run a little longer than usual…

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Running Time: 01:01:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – Josh dives right in with a blow-by-blow of this week’s Pick, X-Factor #10!

00:13:24 – Josh quits.
00:13:25 – We’re starting to really feel good about 52!
00:17:37 – X-Men #190 and Chris Bachalo gave us all a really hard time.
00:20:30 – Just as Ron drops the book, All-Star Superman #5 rocks Conor’s world!
00:21:45 – Conor’s digging all the guest stars in Action Comics #842.
00:22:57 – Josh and Ron trip all over each other’s segues as we talk about The Boys #2.
00:25:56 – Josh doesn’t know anything about Captain Marvel, but he liked The Trials of Shazam! #1!
0:27:03 – We wrap up this week’s books with CSI: Dying in the Gutters #1!

00:30:08 – Craig from Oklahoma alerts us to iFanboy appearing in the letter column of Wizard #180!

00:34:37 – Carlos has a couple of quick questions on Strangers in Paradise and other indie trades.
00:37:47 – Alexis takes us to task for not supporting “true” indie books.
00:41:52 – Adam from North Yarmouth, ME wants to know some good DC books he can jump into.
00:44:23 – Will in the Deep South needs our help in trying to get his non-comic loving friends into comics!
00:47:27 – Sergio Hernandez AKA Dan Prest is new to comics and needs advice on Marvel comics and wants to know what the differences are between the Young Avengers, The Runaways, and the Teen Titans.

00:51:45 – Mike from Greenwood, SC loves the podcast.
00:52:47 – Drew from the Sci-Fi Scoundrels Podcast wants Ron to stop doing voices.
00:53:23 – Jimski from the Midwest has found his Bizzaro and wants to know who our Bizzaros are.
00:55:53 – Glen from Hunstville, AL wants to know what the deal is with John Byrne.

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