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Pick of the Week #41 – Detective Comics #822

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We found some solace in a pool this week and found time to bring you our analysis of this week’s Pick of the Week, Detective Comics #822!

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Running Time: 00:47:59

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Conor starts things off with this week’s Pick of the Week — Detective Comics #822.

00:09:05 – We stay on the DC Comics and discuss 52 Week 13.
00:13:35 – The conversation turns to Marvel and Ultimate Spider-Man #98 and Uncanny X-Men #477.

00:25:40 – Have you watched our video from San Diego yet? If not, go watch it now!

00:29:52 – Jeff from Greely, CO asks about the Batman books and Marvel’s hiring of Hollywood talent.
00:33:28 – Jim from Billerica, MA asks what we think of old Marvel comics on DVDs.

00:38:27 – Chris from Montreal, Canada wants to know if there are any Marvel trades he should check out.

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