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2011 All Media Year End Roundup (Part One)

Show Notes

It’s the SIXTH annual iFanboy All Media Year End Roundup! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick discuss everything they enjoyed in media in 2011. In part one it’s all about movies and television!

Running Time: 01:32:15

00:03:02 – Bridesmaids
00:05:12 – The Muppets
00:12:18 – Super 8
00:13:52 – Limitless
00:16:45 – Drive
00:19:31 – The Descendants
00:21:36 – Hesher
00:23:54 – Real Steel
00:26:35 – Moneyball
00:29:13 – Win Win
00:30:38 – Young Adult
00:33:12 – Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop
00:36:25 – Pearl Jam Twenty
00:38:57 – Midnight in Paris
00:42:33 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

00:47:10 – Boardwalk Empire
00:52:35 – Homeland
00:54:51 – Game of Thrones
00:57:12 – Misfits
00:59:54 – Smallville
01:01:18 – Parks and Recreation
01:03:32 – Community
01:06:46 – Boss
01:08:02 – Justified
01:11:39 – New Girl
01:14:04 – The Good Wife
01:17:05 – Louie
01:20:20 – Up All Night
01:24:04 – Friday Night Lights
01:26:58 – Breaking Bad

Stay tuned next week for part two of the iFanboy All Media Year End Round-Up where we discuss video games, books, podcasts, music, and comic books!

“White Christmas”
The Wedding Present


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  1. Did any of you watch rise of the planet of the apes?

  2. I know you guys enjoy hilariously bad acting mixed with awesome stunts, so hopefully you guys watched Fast Five!

  3. Does no one watch Eureka…i was sure you’d talk about it cause it’s awesom. I’m sure someone must have watched it cause it’s awesome and i know absolutely no one else who watches it

  4. Wow. I thought *I* was a Muppets fan, then I heard Ron go on about them.

    This was great to listen to, can’t wait for part two! Some really excellent movies this year.

  5. Talking about Joseph Gordon Levitt, if you guys haven’t seen it, definitely check out 50/50. It’s a cancer comedy drama that is genuinely funny and genuinely moving and not mawkish at all.

    Otherwise, really enjoying the show so far.

  6. never seen any of these movies or shows but I LOVE LOUIE!!! I’m so glad you guys really like it. great show guys can’t wait for part 2.

  7. Wow, I feel a lot better about how I just COULD NOT keep it together during The Muppets. I was a blubbering little baby at all the same moments you guys mentioned. The Muppet Show opening and Rainbow Connection killed me.

  8. What about The League? that show is pretty awesome

  9. Anybody saw 50/50?

    Great show, guys. Looking forward to the next part.

    (RDJ is staring at me)

  10. No love for MODERN FAMILY! My wife and I did costume from that show this year for Halloween.

  11. I’ve been trying to figure out which one I should catch up with first, Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones. Which would you guys recommend?

  12. There’s a comic book movie you guys never mentioned from last year – Super. A lot darker and a lot better than the Kick-Ass ripoff it appeared to be from the trailer.

    Also, somewhat surprised there was no love for Attack The Block!

  13. Yeah I agree, not one of the best of the year but I don’t think you mentioned / covered it at all, just thought that was a bit surprising.

    Everyone should watch Attack The Block though!

  14. I just watched a few episode of New Girl. A show i had heard nothing about before this podcast, I hate to say it but I really like everyone on that show. I laughed a lot

  15. Great show guys! Connor I’m with you 100% on Homeland.It’s one of the most tense shows I’ve ever seen. I’m on edge at all time while watching it.I was just curious to know if you guys have seen American Horror Story. I’ve really been loving the hell out of it.It’s damn creepy and puts out an awesome atmospheric vibe. Its almost up there with Game of Thrones and Homeland for me.Also I’m looking forward to checking out Misfits,thanks Ron. Happy New Year to everyone out there!

  16. Finally saw bridesmaids. Funny

  17. I bet Josh would like ‘The Good Wife’! It feels more like what I’d traditionally consider an NBC show than CBS, if that kind of branding is important to you.

    I enjoyed this show a lot — I always find a lot of things to add to my Netflix queue from your year-end wrapup.

  18. No American Horror Story love?

    Glad everyones loving parks and rec as much as me!

    • I have been enjoying American Horror Story. I thought the pilot was a little too much style over substance, trying too hard to be creepy and stylized. But since then it has settled down into a really good groove. Fun show, with some interesting twists. I don’t know if it would make my Top 5, but I definitely enjoy it.

  19. No Dexter?

  20. In six seasons Dexter has not disappointed or jumped the shark. Excellent show.

    • Seriously?! You don’t think the last two episodes of Dexter jumped the shark!? The Deb falling in love with Dexter thing may have ruined the show for good for me. I may just make season five my personal ending. It sucks because through the first four seasons it was my all-time favorite show but it’s been falling lower and lower.

  21. Ron-

    re:the Good Wife

    don’t buy.
    get a library card.

    its available at SF library system:


    i am a lame linker.
    enjoy it.
    as much as i am about to enjoy my thai food.

  22. What kind of podcasts did you guys review? @_@ Been listening to too many of them yet I just can’t get enough. 😀 Nerdist, Todd Glass Show, You Made it Weird, Pop My Culture and Startalk Radio Podcast to name a few. :/ Been skimping on the different comicbook podcast (except this one), so umm… sorry about. Just have to wait and see next week.

    Merry Beginnings of the Last Mayan Year to you good Gentlemen. May the heavens have mercy on you with the oncoming deluge of Mayan based comics (atleast it promotes some cultural diversity :/).

  23. Have you guys seen Person of Interest this year? Really thought you guys would discuss that.

    linkage: http://www.cbs.com/shows/person_of_interest

    • I saw one episode. It was okay. It’s on at a tough time against too many other things I watch.

    • Person of Interest got better and better each week. As the show went on, they slowly started to weave a larger story, besides the episodic stories of each week. Really good stuff.

    • I found it really boring.

    • If you can catch up with this series, I’d highly recommend it. The first six episodes are self contained stories. You really don’t need to watch any one to understand another. I’d recommend watching the pilot though, just because.

      Episode #7, Witness, is where the pace of the series picks up and the intensity grows. The next three only get better, And Better, AND BETTER.

  24. Great choices for the podcast… I tip my hat to your good taste fellas.

  25. And yes the Drive soundtrack is awesome.

  26. Conor I assume you’ve watched the Homeland finale? You know it’s a good season ender when you want to throw the remote through the tv out of frustration

  27. some of my favorite comedy shows of the year: Happy Endings, the League, and Workaholics. All really fun, interesting shows.

  28. Watched Midnight in Paris last night and can’t stop thinking about it. The best movie I have seen in years. It connected with me on so many levels. Woody Allen’s best movie since Annie Hall. Everything that makes him great is on display here. It’s like his whole career has been leading up to this moment. I loved every second of it and didn’t want it to end.

  29. For movies, I’d add: 13 Assassins, Beginners, Meek’s Cutoff, and Unknown. I enjoyed Captain America for a super hero flick. I’m sure there’s a few others I’ve just not gotten around to yet: Hugo, Tintin, War Horse, etc. Glad to see Midnight in Paris mentioned. There was a two hour PBS special on Woody Allen last year that was very well put together, and after it aired it peaked my interest to see all his movies, which I’ve yet to watch. I started with Match Point and enjoyed it quite a bit.

    I think for me, Breaking Bad was the best TV. I’m not too much for TV series or drama, but always enjoy just about anything on PBS, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and enjoyed The Walking Dead.

    • There are a LOT of great Woody Allen movies (and some real stinkers, too.) Annie Hall is one of my all time favorite movies. Bullets Over Broadway is excellent, as is Mighty Aphodite. Manhattan is stunning visually, New York has never looked more beautiful. What’s Up, Tigerlilly? is Woody at his silliest (even more so than Everything You always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask). Hannah and Her Sisters is a classic. So many great movies!

  30. Hey guys, re: Moneyball – Jonah Hill was supposed to be Paul Depodesta, not the Blue Jays GM.

  31. You guys MUST see HUGO!! It has a touching story of an orphaned boy in search of a connection to his dead father. It also has a great side story about Georges Meiles(one of the first movie makers) and the impact movies have on us (perfect analogy; Ron waxing poetic about seeing the Muppet movies with his sister and how that holds a special place in his heart). Scorcese does a masterful job weaving the tale, giving us awesome cinematic views of Paris and young Hugo’s world maintaining the clocks in the train station. Just a touching love letter to cinema,triumph of the human spirit, how hope abounds and keeps us “ticking” through our days.
    and yes, you will cry (several times for me)

  32. I’ll bet josh hates drive

    also, hugo is awful. the definition of skippable.

  33. Wish I’d heard Conor’s thoughts on A Dangerous Method a couple of weeks ago…boy I could use those two hours of my life back! I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to render Michael Fassbender’s screen chemistry inert, but David Cronenberg found a way. What a dull, plodding film. Such great actors, but they seemed to be restrained in some way.

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