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Pick of the Week #265 – Strange Tales II #3

Show Notes

It’s the final Pick of the Week Podcast of 2010! Ron is drunk, the bell returns, the guys answer a whole bunch of neglected voicemails, and Josh may or may not admit to being close to snapping! Happy Holidays, everybody!

Running Time: 00:59:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:11 – Ron loved the indie fun in the Pick of the Week, Strange Tales II #3.

00:11:45 – Might Uncanny X-Force #3 have been the best issue of the series yet?
00:14:50 – You can’t go home again with John Byrne’s Next Men #1.
00:18:01 – Proof: Endangered #1 gets the series back on track.
00:20:10 – DMZ #60 takes a look back at how we got in this mess.
00:22:08 – The bloom is off the rose in What if… Spider-Man: Grim Hunt.
00:23:56 – Conan: Road of Kings #1 features Conan as a pirate. (Awesome.)

The Bell!:
00:27:17 – Time Bomb #3
00:28:10 – Thunderbolts #151
00:28:22 – G.I. Joe: Cobra #11
00:28:35 – Superman #706
00:28:45 – Iron Siege #1
00:28:57 – Black Panther #513
00:29:09 – Batman and Robin #18
00:29:20 – Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #1
00:29:33 – The Unwritten #20
00:29:45 – Green Lantern #60

User Reviews:
00:30:29 – Invasionforce loved Captain America: Man Out of Time #2.
00:31:47 – TimmyWood did NOT love Avengers Academy #7.

00:37:18 – Matt from Chicago, IL is looking for good Hawkeye stories.
00:39:46 – Steve from Miami, FL asks how to we fix Hawkman.
00:41:25 – Simon from Stamford, CT has two questions about villains.
00:45:38 – Sheli from Pennsylvania wonders if comic readers really are smart.
00:47:36 – Wes from St. Paul, MN is looking for Josh’s full recap of Final Crisis.
00:49:06 – Thor from New England checks in.
00:49:52 – Ben from Austin, TX has noticed a distinct lack of capes in Marvel.

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  1. The bell is in this episode?! Amazing.

  2. Thanks for responding to my voicemail, guys. From now on I’ll try to keep my questions relevant to events of the past 2-3 years. 🙂

  3. THE BELL!

    Also I am not generally that negative. I just really like Avengers Academy.

  4. Didn’t the Hawkeye & Mockingbird issues come with some backmatter on the villains and events going on with the series in order for new readers to be able to jump on? If so then I think that that trade when that comes out (sometime in Febuary I think) would be a great introduction to Hawkeye.

  5. You’re not going to have a podcast for the books coming out on the 22nd?

  6. Wow I was not expecting a mention on the podcast. Now I’m wondering what could be a good What If? story for me…

  7. Thor has silk cape…for the ladies.

  8. The bell? Yay! Great year, guys!

  9. So I just read Grim Hunt for the first time last week in hardcover. True story: in the last issue of the story, Julia Carpenter shows Spider Man what would happen if he killed Kraven, including him becoming a killer and being shunned from the Avengers, etc. So what I learned today is that what was in THE ACTUAL STORY was made into a What If oneshot? Really, Marvel? Really?!

  10. I have to say, you guys sure know when to bring The Bell out! You don’t overdo it. You don’t mention it much. We almost forget about The Bell, but then… goddamn, here comes a Bell episode and we’re all amazed all over again!

    Great show, guys.

  11. I love the Bell

  12. I was actually waiting the bus to go Home from Work, when I though about Capes. Thanks for answering my silly question :p

  13. @bigben2012:  Doctor Strange rocks one. Magneto,Storm just to name a few.

  14. @Jesse1125  Oh I know, I just was bored (and cold) waiting for the bus when it poped into my head :). Also I just remered Task Master has a cape/hood thing.

  15. @Jesse1125  Dr.Strange totally rocks the cape like no ones business!

  16. Villain I could relate to, hm.. Right now, Nemesis. Because I love jumping on airplane wings as they fly.

  17. That Thor speak by the guy from Philly, absolutely made my night. I love the phenomena of Thor speak, please have more voice mails of that.

  18. @Suicidalkangarooz  Correct.

  19. I always skip user reviews, they’re not in ifanboy continuity.

  20. One more Tom Katers comment and Josh’ll snap like the Joker.

  21. Want to disagree with Ron on John Byrne Next Men…I think it is too early to say whether this series will fly or not.  I agree with Conor (who read it!) that there was too much recap, but my reaction was a little different.  If Byrne can somehow make the question “What is reality?” when living in these VR worlds an interesting question, this series might work.  I was surprised Conor had a who cares? reaction, as I did think the female character (Bounce?) was fairly intriguing, particularly in terms of the sexual abuse she’s gone through as part of all the VR world shenanigans.

    In sum, I think we need to see what issues 2, 3, and 4 look like now that JB has gotten his recap off his chest.  The fact that the art looked stellar is a reason to give this book a few issues to see if it finds its legs.

  22. Thor out of fresh beans – instant ok?

  23. @conor  Damn, next week looks to be my biggest week ever. I was all excited that I may have actually read some books that you guys talk about.

  24. steve from miami might have called when he was blacked out drunk …… shit

  25. Roy Thomas’ Conan: Road of Kings has been a dip in quality. I’ve been spoiled by Truman & Busiek’s Conan for years. sigh.

  26. I enjoyed the Black Panther: Man Without Fear. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but I did.

  27. If you’r going to talk about a comic featureing a villain and actually focuses on who and what he is you have to talk about The Thanos Quest! I’m a little disappointed that this didn’t come to anyone’s mind!

  28. The fact that you guys didn’t talk about Larfleeze Christmas Special, I just I wanna bite you.

  29. @johnmoser  We didn’t do a show that week.

  30. Huh, I wrote on my hand something to do too.

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