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Pick of the Week #364 – Avengers #1

Show Notes

It’s two against one as Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick share a microphone and Josh Flanagan is left all by his lonesome to wonder if they are rolling his eyes when he talks (they are).

Running Time: 01:00:23

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – The Pick of the Week, Avengers #1, was loved by almost everyone.

00:14:40 – Stumptown #4 showed everyone in comics how to do a proper car chase.
00:18:08 – Ron has nothing good to say about Thunderbolts #1.
00:20:25 – Josh’s reaction to Hellboy In Hell #1 causes Ron’s eyes to pop out.
00:25:05 – Marvel’s new weekly series, All-New X-Men #3, continued the fun.
00:27:50 – The fight with the dead Presidents in Deadpool #3 is still great.
00:30:20 – Earth 2 #7 might have been the best issue of the series yet.
00:32:09 – No one minds Frank Castle showing up in Fury Max #7.
00:34:24 – Action Comics #15 might have been the best issue of the series yet.
00:35:36 – Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5 was good but scary.
00:38:30 – House of Fun is for fans of funny dairy products.

User Reviews:
00:39:56 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:11 – Xtianhardy was really disappointed with Shadowman #2.
00:42:58 – RoninA was thrilled with The Amazing Spider-Man #699!

Book of the Month:
00:45:43 – For the month of December, Conor chooses Scene of the Crime by Ed Brubaker, Micheal Lark, and Sean Phillips!

00:52:30 – Johnny H. makes some false assumptions about iFanboy’s new comic book reading practices.

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  1. Great show as always,guys!We know the ol’couch videos of IFanboy is long over but any chance of the mini episodes of making a comeback?Those were awesome and I’m missing those.

  2. Connor,there actually are 2 books to be released on Dec.26 to review which is the double sized issue of Amazing Spiderman # 700 and the Avenging Spiderman where the story takes place directly after #700.

  3. I’m not trying to pick on Ron (writing the article about the Avengers membership chart automatically makes him the hero of the week), but I really hope his pronunciation of Eden Fesi is incorrect. I just can’t imagine what that guy might have gone through in middle school with a last name that sounds like “feces”. The jokes about “Fesi’s house/Mom/whatever” must have been traumatizing.

    (In my head, it’s always been pronounced “Fezzy”)

  4. I’m pretty sure the guy Hellboy was with was Sir Edward Grey. He’s shown up a couple times in the series as a person in a mask and a cloak. He’s like a Victorian Bruttenholm.

  5. This comment is specifically for Josh. THANK YOU for pointing out that double stack panels on the left with a larger panel on the right of the same size being confusing! It always throws me off and removes me from the story. I think it’s a terrible choice for a page layout and agree with everything you had to say about them. I always love the podcast but between Ron’s eye’s popping out and your follow up with the layout comment I just HAD to give you a +1 internets.

    Bravo sir, bravo.

    • What was the problem with Ron’s eye-popping reaction to Josh’s thoughts on HELLBOY IN HELL? It was a genuine manifestation of shock.

    • Not me, left to right is the Western way of reading, and if there’s a stack on the left, they get read before the big panel on the right. I don’t see why it would be otherwise. Ron and Conor seemed to be going in this direction too, when asked how the page would be read.

      But there you go, there obviously is a difference in reading experience. The main thing is, we’re all lovely people.

  6. As far as new comic reading rituals or preferences, I actually sort my books alphabetically. I feel like this gives every book a fair chance and doesn’t force me to rank them. I think if I start classifying books as “least favorite” then I have to wonder why I’m buying them in the first place.

  7. I forgot I sent that email. I’ll listen more and assume less in the future. Also, how long is the iFanboy/Amazon sponsorship supposed to last? I’m planning on buying gifts (for others) before Christmas and buying gifts (for me) after Christmas.

  8. As a lifelong Bostonian, Josh’s mild defense of my city and its residents gave me a terrific laugh.

    Thanks Josh!

  9. To answer your Stumptown question, yes, that deer in the ‘P’ is a Portland thing. It emblazes a huge neon sign that advertised the “Made in Oregon” store that used to be there. It’s a historical landmark. It hangs over the Burnside Bridge as you make your way downtown. For December they stick a red light on the nose. Cute.


    • Also, as of last year, they changed it from “Made in Oregon” to just “Portland Oregon”, since Made in Oregon is the name of a company that is no longer there anymore. I believe for quite some time until the mid 90s, it said “White Stag Sportswear” or something like that, and that is why the deer is there. They kept the deer but changed the text for any further designs.

      Anyway, yeah, it is the first thing you see entering downtown Portland from the Burnside Bridge! Quite an icon, and it is very big!

    • It even made it into the recent “Portlandia”-inspired episode of “The Simpsons!”

  10. I try to read my books on a curve. So I’ll start with a couple I’m really looking forward to and finish with a few I’m even more excited about, with others in the middle. Try to always finish with my most anticipated last.

    But then I also try to make symettrical sequences out of the order I read the publishers in, so I might be crazy.

    And I’ll oftensplit things up further by trying not to read tonally similar books in a row.

    My OCD is odd.

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