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Pick of the Week #362 – Baltimore: The Play

Show Notes

It’s a special Thanksgiving holiday edition of the Pick of the Week Podcast. That means that Conor Kilpatrick is MIA, off navigating numerous Thanksgiving deliciousness, so Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards are left to carry the banner on this holiday. And what better way to kick things off than to hear about Josh’s enjoyment of Baltimore: The Play from Dark Horse Comics. We breakdown the recent Marvel NOW! releases, as well as Ron (And the iFanbase’s) choice for pick, The Amazing Spider-Man #698.

Alas, no show notes this week as we’re taking a weekend to ourselves.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend in the US and a general good weekend around the world!

Total Running Time: 00:46:45

Pick of the Week:
• Baltimore The Play

• Captain America #1
• Indestructible Hulk #1
• The Amazing Spider-Man #698
• Wonder Woman #14
• Dark Avengers #183
• The Avengers #34
• The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #4
• Hawkeye #4
• Glory #30
• Daredevil #??
• Mind the Gap #6
• Hellblazer #297

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year”
Andy Williams


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  1. Enjoyed the show this week. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the show guys.I’ve heard other popular podcasts and they are not even comparable to the quality of Ifanboy!Looking forward to this show every Sunday afternoon.

  3. I’m heartbroken Hellblazer is getting cancelled, the book has been my favourite since ’06. I’m so angry at Vertigo, just when the book has been the best it has ever been. Also, no American Vampire for six months? Vertigo should get its act together. On a lighter note great show, I was hoping you were gonna mention Uncanny X Force, that book can’t end soon enough. Lost steam after the Otherworld and Fantomex death.

    • I’m sad about Hellblazer too but I’m enjoying the numbered volumes being released now. vol. 4 included the Family Man story line along with the Grant Morrison story and a one shot from Neil Gaimen. oh, and a secret files from Dick Foreman. I think i’m done with issues for American Vampire and will go with just trades. Been double dipping anyways.

    • The decision to postpone American Vampire wasn’t Vertigo’s, it was Scott Snyder’s.

    • @Juhl75 I have all the old trades and apart from ‘Dangerous Habits’ you can skip to #129 as the stories aren’t great and the art quite frankly, sucks. Although I will buy all the re numbering trades and I’m looking forward to some gems, I was so happy when I saw the new issue came out every month at the store and I thought no matter what, this book’s safe: predates Vertigo, had its own (bad) movie, small but rabid fan base, this books safe. No matter how many superhero reboots or new number ones, this books safe. I’m so angry at Vertigo, just when this books was awesome. From the kids, to the African warlord to Epiphany to Leonardo Manco’s incredible run, this book was consistently excellent, for the past four years. I’m not a horror fan and my favourite comic was a horror comic. I was born and raised in London and all the dialogue and places looked authentic and real…. So mad, so very very mad

      @nbcabaniss I’m very much aware of that. I was simply saying Vertigo should get its house in order. What other kick ass titles they got going on right now apart from those two?

    • @Lovedrop Sadly, I have a sinking suspicion that Vertigo is on its way out. I would be more upset, but the recent offerings from Image have been picking up Vertigo’s slack.

  4. A lot of Marvel books always seem so boring to me and then I listen to different comic book podcasts and they seem even more boring. Different strokes. But at least the ifanboy podcast is entertaining to listen to even when they are talking about books I don’t care for. Happy Holidays everyone, I look forward to next weeks show.

  5. Good on ya Josh. Brining is always the way to go with turkey.

  6. I’m telling Conor.

    Good show, boys. Thanks.

  7. Christmas music in November? not cool

  8. I work retai,l instore Christmas music is bad enough If I had to hear it a whole month before Christmas I’d shoot myself.

  9. Just listen to the POTW. Great show. I did miss conor but I like it the duo threat of the witty josh and the child like giggles of Ron (no disrespect). Thanks for still doing a show during the holidays. This made, what I can only describe, a shit week. Thanks again.

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