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Pick of the Week #311 – Batman #3

Show Notes

Startling confessions of reading practices! Dangling participles in relation to Frank Miller! Inflammatory comments about ethnic groups! Bastardization of the English language! Inappropriate comparisons of comics to infectious diseases! It’s just another week in the iFanboy podcast as Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards can’t stay out of their own way. With a little bit of Keanu for good measure.

Running Time: 01:00:46

Pick of the Week:
00:03:59 – Conor FINALLY gives Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo some much deserved recognition for Batman #3.

00:13:06 – Ron is delighted that BOTH Conor and Josh also enjoyed Paul Grist’s Mudman #1 from Image Comics.
00:16:34 – Startling ENJOYMENT of Aquaman in Justice League #3.
00:20:03 – Ron reels at the ENORMOUS undo button used in Fear Itself #7.3 by Matt Fraction.
00:23:24 – The fine artwork bring Conor BACK to enjoying Avengers with The Avengers #19.
00:29:45 – The final issue, Starborn #12, ENDS this stellar sci-fi tale.
00:30:53 – A little artistic inconsistency AFFECTS enjoyment of The Incredible Hulk #2.
00:33:13 – Conor is still loving this not so UNFAMILIAR take with Catwoman #3.
00:35:05 – Add another title to the “best” TITLE discussion with Thunderbolts #165.
00:37:11 – Josh is still loving the MAGIC that is Wonder Woman #3.

User Reviews:
00:38:42 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:39:47 – Story laments the cancellation of X-23 #17, because it’s great!
00:41:019 – Metamorphic raves about the fine work on Birds of Prey #3.

00:44:18 – Tony writes in with some issues about artists and superhero costumes.
00:49:14 – Dave from L.A. doesn’t like Scalped!

00:54:08 – Eric from Michigan is curious about Doctor Strange.

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  1. Is Stars getting a cut from this episode? I thought Ron’s playlist accidentally recorded over the actual podcast for a minute there…

  2. On the issue of language I’m sick of “favourite” and “colour”. It’s so pretentious when used by people here and not overseas….

  3. How do you guys pick the songs that go at the beginning of the podcast? Does the guy with the Pick of the Week choose the music, and do you pick a song that goes with the pick?

  4. Is Thunderbolts really that good? I only buy two Marvel books Uncanny X-Force and Ultimate Spider-man. I get bored easily with super hero books unless they’re really, really good. But this Thunderbolts title is starting to intrigue me. Would you recommend it to someone with really high standards?

  5. Also, Crash isn’t a bad movie. It is pretty good….Brokeback Mountain totally deserved to win the Best Picture that year, but it deserved to be nominated in the Best Picture too….Anyway…

    • Is it that Crash or the much, much more controversial David Cronenberg Crash about people getting off on car wrecks.

    • Awful, awful movie. Not the Cronenberg movie, which is a while other thing, but the Oscar bait lesson on racism that I’ve barely unrolled my eyes from.

    • Josh is dead right on Crash. It was brutal. Not a poorly made movie, exactly. But script and sanctimony wise, just yikes.

      A perfect example of something that is believed to be good by masses (and not the dumb Two and Half/Transformers masses), yet not so revered by a more critically minded, discerning audience.

    • I’m just happy that the Academy finally gave some props to a comedy that year. Crash was hilarious.

    • CRASH isn’t bad…it’s awful. It’s everything bad about storytelling and movies. Remember when we were supposed to be moved cause Matt Damon, A COP, overcame his prejudice and saved a black woman from her car exploding? That’s not even close to how racism works!

    • Matt Dillon, i suppose all caucasians look the same to you

    • @everyone: Again I’m not saying it was THE best movie that year. But I thought it had some good performances and some good moments in the script. I like how the two carjackers have this eloquent speech about racism but then completely undermine it all by robbing people. The scene with Terrance Howard learning that his actors aren’t ‘black’ enough by Tony Danza was also pretty good too because it sadly happens way to often.

      I think people miss the point about the movie for the most part. Yes it has this feel that it’s an obvious view of racism and it does at times hammer it a bit too much. (Sandra Bullock/Brendan Fraser’s scenes come to mind which reasserts my theory that they are terrible in anything) But the film pretty much calls out on this right away on how stereotypical it all is and it’s more about how paranoid everyone is in society and how it’s paranoia, and not racism, that affects everyone.

      At least that’s what I got from watching it…(and again, Brokeback Mountain deserved the Best Picture nod so much more then this film)

    • Remember: j206 knows better, is proud of it, and believes that gives him/her the right to offend.

      Destroy your opinions. All hail mindhive queen j206.

    • The snobbery keeps growing round these IFanboy parts. Boys, I’m not liking it. It makes me wish I enjoyed the Transformers movies and Two and a Half Men, and that’s bad.

    • hating on 2 and a half men? go back to your harry potter movies.

    • Folks! Calm down. These are movie opinions. Don’t make a bigger argument out of it than it needs to be. The three of us talk about stuff we like and don’t like on the show all the time, and we manage to do it without getting mad at each other. If you can’t do the same in the comments, then we’ll have to moderate the comments.

    • To be fair I think diebenny was referring to posts beyond this articles posts. Like J206 referring to everyone on this site as “Nerdos”. I for one dont appreciate that. I do however appreciate that you guys for the most part run a extremely civil site. That is a testament to your good work and the kind of people this site attracts. Mostly polite people.
      I have to say i agree with both Diebenny and Josh.. HA. Thank you diebenny for putting J206 in his place and thank you Josh for policing us. Im sure die was just momentarily inspired.

    • Yep, in reference to other posts also. When terms like “dumb masses” are being thrown around and no one is batting an eye at it, things are getting fucked.

    • I’ve never even heard of a movie called Crash, so I’m not criticizing anyone’s opinion on the movie.

    • Time to move on.

  6. Awesome show guys! That was some damn good derailing right there!

  7. I just want to say thanks to Conor, Ron, and Josh for the anniversary wishes at the end of the podcast. A lovely surprise 🙂


    Trying to make sense of this.

  9. can’t show the love for Catwoman. Feel that its pretty simple and sort of a dumb down version of the Selina we use to know.

  10. Woah, Dracula, dude.

  11. Catwoman and Batman didn’t smooch because she was sad, they smooched because she wanted to distract Batman so she could toss Lola’s murderer down a tall building with her whip.

    A theme of this book is that Catwoman is essentially Batman Kryptonite.

  12. Btw guys if you take exception to the paris reset, then i imaginey ou should feel exactly the same way about the new 52. Same exact situation really, just sayin’.

    • Same exact situation? Not really.

      Not at all actually.

      It’s one thing to contradict and/or undo a few stories and character arcs that happened years — if not decades — ago, in order to achieve a greater goal of attracting new readers.

      It’s another thing to contradict and/or undo a story and character arcs that happened last month.

    • Actually Yes. The only difference is time?
      And considering some of the things that were undone in the NEW 52 did indeed actually just occur.

    • Except the New 52 was sold to readers as a “things are changing” kind of event. There was an awareness going into it that some characters would be different or that certain stories were being written out or ignored. It was a line wide strategy, that just affected some books more than others.

      In effect, we were told ahead of time that the undo button was going to be pressed, changing our reaction to it. Not the case with Fear Itself 7.3.

      I mean, imagine how you would react if I just threw a water balloon at you, completely unprovoked, versus how you would react if I warned you that I was going to throw a water balloon at you.

      To put Ron’s reactions to these stories into the water balloon example, he said “WTF, why did you throw a water balloon at me?!” to the first scenario, and “Well hey, it’s only water, and I was a little too warm anyway. Thanks for the refreshment. Go get me a towel” to the second.

    • No, not at all. Just because there was “fair warning” doesn’t make it any more or less acceptable.

      you are really reaching. Whether or not i approved or disapproved of the changes, they were in essence the same thing.

      How did you feel about brand new day hmmm?

    • Yes, if you’re referring to just the narrative devices used to achieve the story outcomes of the New 52 and Fear Itself 7.3 it is the same thing. A reboot is an undo button. No problem there.

      But your first post implies that just because those narrative devices are the same, the reaction to those devices must also be the same, and I find that absolutely ridiculous.

      I’m not against having principles, but come on.

      Doesn’t the quality of the execution matter?

      I think it does, and I think giving readers a fair warning (without spoiling the story outcomes) allows them to decide whether or not they want to support those kind of stories (since you seem to believe that if you approve or disapprove of one, you must approve or disapprove of all).

      I didn’t read Brand New Day so take this for what it’s worth. But for me, an unmarried Peter is more appealing (I love Ultimate Spider-man) than the previous status quo. Except for a few stalwarts, it seems time has proven that Marvel made the right move there.

    • Regarding your second to last paragraph-
      no, not my point. I was merely pointing out that all the uproar in the podcast made it seem like some hokey trick, when sure it may or may not have been successful ( personally i dont feel it was any worse than most crap comics do these days) it certainly isn’t unique or rare.

      also considering how many podcasters and reviewers complains that publishers are afraid to correct things openly, i found the complaint odd.

    • Lest we forget that the undo button of “Fear Itself” is contained within a book labelled “Fear Itself”? The New 52 undo button is contained in books labelled the “NEW” 52.

    • newcomb, again thats not the point. as i said, i dont think that “time” is a significant difference to consider them different things.

      I have agreed that sometimes it works better than others, but considering what seemed very vocifierous condemnation of both BND and fear itself, i find it a bit hypocritical.

      Not to mention how many times int he past have comic arcs not ended with one form of reset or “back to the status quo” action.

      I feel like people are arguing that death through choking is different from death through suffocation- the end result is the same.

  13. Anybody in here mind when the podcast goes off the rails? NOPE.

  14. Hey! My first user review in a Pick of the Week podcast! Thanks! And I’m glad there’s some agreement on BOP being such a solid book. I think some people might have just blown it off becuase Gail Simone wasn’t involved and it’s certainly not the old team. That’s a shame. They’re missing some good reading.

    (Disapointed to hear that Saiz is likely going to be off the title soon – no offense to Javier Pina who is said to be taking over).

    • BOP has been my biggest pleasant surprise of the new 52. I don’t know anything about Javier Pina, but I’m hoping Saiz departure is only temporary.

  15. A series I should love but have never made it past the first few issues is The Invisibles. I’ve tried several times, but it just doesn’t click.

  16. What? No talk of Severed #4? I thought it was epic!

  17. Hey, you read my rant! Of course, this only serves to reinforce my curmudgeonliness.

    But on the other hand, I think Josh has me beat with his anti-lagomorph tirade :-O Deadpan, indeed!

  18. A series that I couldn’t get into but people love is Grant Morrison’s JLA. I just can’t get past the horrible art and Lightning Bolt Superman or Lightning Bolt Superman.

  19. Somebody just watched like crazy.

  20. Another interesting show, I don’t understand the comment about the returning kindle fire, I have had mine since last week and i am enjoying it. I mainly got the kindle fire for reading comic books and it does that great. Is it perfect no, but for 199 i am happy has hell with it.

  21. I don’t believe that Invincible Iron Man was a big ‘ol “reset” at all! The issues of Invincible leading up to this showed tons…TONS of mangled and destroyed and dead citizens; Tony was buried under a mountain of them at one point. In fact, those issues painted a world covered in terror better than the main series. The ending that a few survived this, in a city of millions, was a deserved moment. A sign of light in in the wake of something horrific.

    The underline frustration of Tony not being able to hold GG responsible for what he had done was weighty stuff and I hate none of you guys enjoyed it. Not to mention Odin being both impressed and annoyed by the way Tony carries the responsibilty of everything around him as a personal cross to bear…that was just good writing, as was the subsequent moment of humbling and show of grace that followed.

    • Yeah, there were still LITERAL mountains of dead bodies in Paris. It was still a horrific act of terror and that wasn’t ‘reset’ at all. Tony still broke his sobriety, he’s still at pretty much rock bottom.

      I can totally see how it wouldn’t work if you didn’t read Iron Man, though. It should just have been an Iron Man issue.

  22. Must say, this new run is making a Batman fan of Manga fanboy, good stuff

  23. Thank you to whoever put up the great opening song. Another band I now like thanks to iFanboy. Also nice episode.

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