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Pick of the Week #361 – Thor: God of Thunder #1

Show Notes

Just before departing to join the absent Conor Kilpatrick for the most Eisner-iffic wedding celebration ever, Ron Richards managed to record a show with Josh Flanagan and our own Paul Montgomery. The one clear thing about this week is that there were a lot of good books, and Ron was forced to choose one. We may have also spent a lot of time just prior to the show talking about original music from Return of the Jedi and a great deal of minutiae to that end.

Total Running Time: 01:01:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:30 – All of iFanboy beheld the wonder of the nine realms as we get a new look at the Asgardian in Thor: God of Thunder #1, Ron’s Pick of the Week.

00:15:48 – Either Josh bombs a joke, or Ron doesn’t play along when we talk about All-New X-Men #1, which is really irrelevant to the book anyway.
00:24:12 – It’s a brave new world for Fantastic Four #1 if you want to take that ride.
00:27:48 – Ron explains his X-strategy, and how it applies to X-Men: Legacy #1.
00:32:55 – No, no. We’re definitely not ignoring Batman #14.
00:39:16 – Yet another great artist joins Brian Wood on Conan the Barbarian #10.
00:40:15 – It’s the beginning of the end with Locke and Key: Omega #1.
00:41:32 – Business gets wacky in Invincible #97. Really wacky.
00:43:18 – Josh is still 100% down with Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #18.
00:43:56 – Saga #7 is really really good again. No one is surprised by this.
00:45:09 – Seriously, Where is Jake Ellis #1?

User Reviews:
00:45:59 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:47:16 – ZombiePoo says goodnight to The Boys #72.

00:48:41 – Wes wanted to know where that whole Pluto and manga thing ended up.

00:52:50 – Jimmy asks us a unique “who would win in a fight” question.

“Lapti Nek”
Sy Snootles


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  1. Before I continue listening, excellent song choice. On with the show!

  2. Cool! You guys talked about Batman. But what about Batgirl? That was a good comic this week. The new Masters of the Universe book was pretty good. Superboy started off the H’EL on Earth story and that was decent. The new Doctor Who/Star Trek issue was worth talking about. I guess that’s both the good and bad sides to having so many comics out right now…there’s never enough time in the day to talk about them all.

    • Agreed. It was a stupidly packed week this week. An absolute plethora of top tier books. Lucky us!

    • They usually try to keep the run time hovering around 60 minutes, so on a week like this some books are bound to fall through the cracks. It’s a good problem to have. We were blessed with some great work this week.

    • After listening to the show, these seemed to be some incredible books this week, so I can now see why it was such a tough choice to get everything in. But, I do wish DC would get a little more love. The guys cover what they can or what’s still caught their interest and to be fair the books they do talk about are usually well written, but lately it seems like it comes down to the user reviews to get some DC discussion. I think that may speak more to the quality of the books more than the guys, though.

    • I think it may have a lot to do with Marvel Now being the big thing right now and all the first issues coming out. I seem to remember DC getting a lot of attention when The New 52 came out.

    • @JoseRivera83 : Conor is the main dc guy so if he isn’t on the show this week that’ll be another reason for lack of dc discussion. Otherwise it’s just a combination of what’s worth talking about and what they can fit in an hour long podcast.

    • @JoseRivera83: Even if I had been on the show this week, and even if this past week wasn’t so chock full of so many great releases, we wouldn’t have talked about any of those books. Here’s why:

      – I read BATGIRL and thought it was, like every other issue of the new Batgirl series I’ve read, average.
      – We dropped off MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE with James Robinson.
      – We’re not reading any Lobdell books.
      – We’re not reading any Doctor Who books. Or Star Trek books for that matter.

  3. Glad you talked about the Jock back ups in Batman. Issue 13 was fantastic

  4. Great show as always guys! But, Batman isn’t holding a gun in that panel. It’s a tranquilizer/ sleep inducing agent.

  5. Can’t wait to listen! Out of curiosity, any if the ifanboys try out Kelly Sue’s first issue of Avengers Assemble? I found it delightful.

    • Yeah, this book was a lot of fun.

    • I did. I thought it was alright. Similar to X-Men Legacy in that it’s good Avengers fun – but not crucial to read as part of the greater tapestry (in my opinion). Not a huge fan of the art though – not sure if I’ll stick with it.

    • Fair enough. Thanks for the response!

    • I’m with you, I didn’t read the Avengers Assemble before, couldn’t get into it. But I picked up this issue, and it may not win an Eisner lol, but it was a blast. I actually liked the art, and thought the dialogue was quite clever. I would be happy if every book I read was this much fun.

  6. Very entertaining show, gentlemen.

    @Paul: Many congrats on the new gigs at Marvel. Although I don’t think your disclaimers are neccessary. No regular fan of the site would dare claim bias. I’m sure the majority of us are happy for you. Still, your diplomacy is admirable.

  7. Well…I hate to contradict WheelHands, but (just for me, personally) I would prefer that Paul recuse himself from reviewing titles where there is a conflict of interest. I am as big a “Paul fan” as any, but I don’t see how he could possibly provide a real critique under the circumstances. The 3 minutes of his X-Men Legacy review seemed a bit like a pitch, without any critical points. And frankly it would be foolish for him (in terms of his new role at Marvel) to say anything bad about the titles he is recapping (I know I wouldn’t if I were him!)

    • I think you might be ascribing far too much weight to the reviews in the podcast. As I use the words, this is a review and discussion show, not a critique show (see the Filmspotting podcast for an example of a critique).

      And even if it was a blatant pitch, I don’t see what the big deal is — comics are pitched on this site every single day in nearly every article. You can infer that there’s a conflict of interest, but even if someone does buy a book based on what they hear in the podcast, it’s still only a recommendation. X-Men Legacy is a new book in a major initiative by a major publisher. They probably would have talked about it regardless.

    • @KenOchalek: Yeah, I hear what you’re saying and don’t necessarily disagree with most of your points. I guess I’m just stating my own preference. For me, I get more out of the recommendations when I feel like it is an untainted opinion without any conflict of interest. And I’m not saying someone shouldn’t buy X-Men Legacy if they liked Paul’s “pitch”. I’m just saying it doesn’t influence me to check it out because of the context of Paul’s position at Marvel. I’m not making a big deal about it (I mean, I’m going to listen to the podcast and use the website regardless). It’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth (which may be nothing, I understand!)

    • I actually am recusing myself from doing text reviews of the books I’m recapping. Marvel hasn’t asked me to do that, but it seems like the fair thing. This is all quite new, but it’s not posed a conflict so far.

      As for the show, it’s lighthearted discussion and not full-on critique. My intention wasn’t to pitch the book; I’m just rambly as hell and sincerely find the concept compelling (I’m having tons of fun digging into the material and recapping both books).

      That said, I’m an irregular guest on the podcast, so this situation will likely be a rarity.

    • @Paul: Fair enough. Again, I’m a fan of your articles and podcast contributions; no harm no foul. My quibble was intended to be a trivial one.

    • No worries. It’s a fair question.

  8. Not a Thor or Cap fan but I liked Walter Simonson’s Thor, I think Ron and I are on the same page….I think I heard him say he wasn’t a Cap fan…

  9. Can Morison be the wild card?

  10. Grant Morrison will cast spells on the Avengers.

  11. Haha! I thought at first the music was from Pince and the New Revoution.

  12. From a chronological point of view, for All New X-Men, what time period are these X-men from? Since Professor X is still alive, it’s definitely before he faked his own death. Is it during the Stan Lee period or during the Roy Thomas period?

    • I think Ron addresses this in the podcast, but Bendis has said he identified a specific moment where the young X-Men time travel from. I believe it’s part of the Stan Lee period. I haven’t been able to check it out myself, but one of the AR features is supposed to shot the moment in question.

    • I believe it’s from issue #6 or #8 of the original run of X-Men where Bendis chooses to insert time-traveling Hank. I think Bendis even duplicated the exact dialogue of the original scene.

  13. If there was any creator who could take on the Avengers, it would be Alan Moore. He would perform ritualistic sacrifices to snake demons who would hen vanquish his foes.

  14. FWIW, 21st Century Boys is just a 2 volume epilogue to 20th Century Boys (bringing the total to 24). I don’t think my bookshelf could take another 20+ series.

  15. Thor didn’t grab me the way it did the ifanboy groups (undeniably beautiful though). The three timelines just didn’t click for me…though I may give it a try.

    But Fantastic Four felt like a place I could return to the comic – looks like a lot of cool stuff coming up. And I miss that book!

    My POTW? I gave it to Saga…but the truth is that I could have spilt that evenly with Batman. Maybe just because I feel so fully invested in both stories.

  16. Doug Mahnke is a HUGE HUGE buff guy! He could be a super hero himself.


    • I was thinking that when I was listening to the Podcast. Plus Ruck and Azzarello could take on at least half of the street heroes of either DC or Marvel.

  17. My wife overheard the intro music to this week’s episode and said, “Yep, you’ve found your people.”

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