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Pick of the Week #358 – Captain America #19

Show Notes

It’s just one long last day at summer camp as Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick say goodbye to storied Marvel Comics runs over, over, and over again. Plus the mystery of Giuseppe Camuncoli is explored! Also, barrels.

Running Time: 00:59:17

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Captain America #19 wrapped up Brubaker’s 8-year run in style and earns the Pick of the Week.

00:09:21 – FF #23 wrapped up Hickman’s 3-year run after also wrapping it up two weeks ago.
00:12:15 – Josh feels the love for Invincible #96.
00:15:47 – If a major character returns in The Avengers #32, but no one makes a sound…
00:18:08 – Phil Noto interior art alert! Ghost #1.
00:19:01 – Punisher: War Zone #1 continues Rucka’s Punisher run. Kind of.
00:21:23 – Batman, Incorporated #4 calls Damian into question.
00:23:46 – Conor finds Talon #1 a little over written but still fun.
00:24:33 – Ron comes to a realization with The Amazing Spider-Man #696.
00:29:01 – Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1 is pure, unfiltered Brandon Graham.
00:30:56 – Revival #4 might be the strongest work from its creators.
00:31:53 – Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #17 was Josh’s most anticipated book. Really.
00:33:22 – Ron was briefly confused by The Flash #13.
00:34:15 – The cover for Spawn #224 is Ron’s kind of crazy.

User Reviews:
00:36:15 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:45 – walkerjody loved the heck out of A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1.
00:39:47 – sleap is pretty happy with the new creative team on Superman #13.

00:41:49 – Sean from Long Island, NY wants to know why DC and Marvel don’t do more creator owned books.
00:49:03 – Jim from Niagra Falls, NY might have had a question about barrels. WE’LL NEVER KNOW.
00:50:18 – Rick from North Dakota is confused about zero and Point One issues.

“I Wonder Why The Wonderfalls”
Andy Partridge


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  1. Is “meta” the new thing now..?

  2. I don’t know….the word just seems to have popped into the lexicon over the last few weeks.

  3. Great discussion on Icon/Vertigo/Image and creator ownership!

    • Yeah, I was especially surprised to hear that Image are the only true creator owned publisher. I know that Vertigo isn’t, but Oni and Dark Horse? Who knew?

    • @Ilash: They are the only true creator owned publisher of any significant size/market share. There are, of course, super small publishers that are fully creator-owned.

  4. Very disappointed Bendis brought Wasp back with no build. Could have been a really big deal. He did the same with the Vision’s return.

  5. Busy week for Marvel!

  6. Great, now I have to go rewatch all of Wonderfalls…

    Hang on, that IS great!

  7. I’ve been happy with both Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws, so Scott Lobdell gets a thumbs up in my book. These are the only works I’ve read of his, and there were some bumps in Teen Titans with The Culling, but overall the books have been good and Rocafort just killed every issue he was on. I didn’t pick up Superman, but I may. I’m not too enthused, though, to be honest. I didn’t like Rocafort on Superman when he did Action Comics with Paul Cornell and I still don’t care to see him doing Superman again. He deserves to be on a big book, but Superman’s not a good choice for him. He’d be great on The Flash whenever Manapul decides to move on, and I’d even like to see him tackle Aquaman. His Atlantis would be something to see.

    • I’m theoretically opposed to Lobdell on Superman, and I didn’t like the annual. But I *mostly* liked the first regular Superman issue he wrote and I like the idea of Clark Kent quitting from the Daily Planet. Is he becoming a blogger? or did I hear a false rumor?

    • @rogerwhitson: Apparently he is.

  8. Here’s another example of Todd McFarlane, in Ron’s words, “homaging himself.” Originally Amazing Spiderman #316. He signs it “McFarlane, parody of Todd.” Does that make it better?


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