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Pick of the Week #357 – Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4

Show Notes

Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick have returned to their normal routines following the New York Comic Con. But are they changed? Forever? And what sway does that Chris Ware page have over Josh, and how far will it go? All these questions aren’t answered, and more, in this week’s strange presentation.

Running Time: 01:02:50

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – There is much controversy about the event, but Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 was Pick of the Week because it was damn good.

00:11:00 – It’s a welcome art change on Justice League #13 and the issue Conor’s favorite.
00:14:41 – Hey, why wasn’t Hawkeye #3 Pick of the Week? Hunh?
00:18:30 – The Walking Dead #103? Tense.
00:20:47 – Avengers Assemble #8 doesn’t answer questions, and we’re getting used to this.
00:26:07 – Ron got fooled again by Marvel NOW! Point One #1 and the others laugh at him.
00:28:30 – Josh is having none of the reveal in Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Orm of Loch Ness #1.
00:30:17 – The decks are cleared with Dark Avengers #182.
00:31:28 – Bendis is ending another book Avengers book with The New Avengers #31.
00:33:01 – Sword of Sorcery #1 seems to have some ties to DC proper.
00:34:24 – There are timeline issues with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16. But that’s cool.

User Reviews:
00:37:57 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:39:09 – Manwithoutbeer digs the whole scene with The Zaucer of Zilk #1, man.
00:40:52 – GS is cool with the contents and the price of Cyber Force #1.

Book of the Month:
00:44:54 – Josh does double duty and listens in to some conversations he’s not sure he should in Chris Ware’s Building Stories, the October Book of the Month.

00:54:22 – Derek wants to know what the deal is with all that bolding.

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“The Times They Are A-Changin'”
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  1. Wow, you ain’t kidding about this being a Comic Con recovery show. Josh sounds seriously broken.

    Great show as otherwise, though.

  2. Wow, i can’t believe Ron picked up the point one book again, if i remember correctly his words after the last one were “never again! Bastards…” 🙂

  3. This is under the ‘Special Edition’ section for me…might just be my PC playing up but thought I’d let you guys know (Y)

  4. I didnt buy Point One because it will be available for free on digital.

  5. I couldn’t help but laugh when Ron admitted he bought that. Josh I hate vampires too.

  6. Intro song was epic. Can we just play the whole thing for next week? No? No?

  7. Good show, lads. I always enjoy the Book of the Month feature, but it seems to be rather the chore for you … maybe make it Book of the Quarter?

    OK, I admit I’m thick – could someone please explain the gag with Kate and Clint in the car, something to do with his abs? Thanks. And I really hated that ‘bro’ business.

  8. Damn Josh you are the Debbie downer of the Podcast..,,Just glad Conner and Ron still enjoy what they do, @conner agreed about Sword of Sorcery that easter egg of Wayne tech made me add this to my pull list, I like the main story but the backup of Beowulf is keeping me on board,

    • Personally, I find Josh’s wry wit and dry sense of humor to be really entertaining. For me, he’s more Ursula Upper than Debbie Downer.

    • Fun episode, gents. I’ve never read the Bendis “closet” thing but I love the mythical way you guys paint this closet, it’s one of my favorite mysteries.

      I gotta say, I loved Cyber Force #1, and Khoi Pham, more like Khoi Hot Damn, I dig that art.

      And a random note about sales, it is always interesting the divide between considered successful in sales, between Marvel/DC and indies. Hawkeye is selling 30,000 plus at #60 for issue 2, though that’ll dip a little. My favorite comic on stands sells 4,000 copies (the Dragon guy with the fin), it’s interesting.

    • Josh’s attitude was by far the best part of the podcast. I would hate for him to lie and say he likes mediocre books, that he doesn’t like.

  9. Man, you can say what you like about the Watchmen movie, that opening credits sequence is amazing.

  10. The impression I got from the bold letters were to highlight, (wither its just a simple “he” or “him”‘etc.) as an important person or thing who/which would or will or did play a major role in the story or it could be an upcoming story etc.
    For some reason it always made sense to me when or if I do I notice those bold lettering.

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