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Pick of the Week #254 – Action Comics #893

Show Notes

An unexpected cold strikes Josh Flanagan down and leaves him unable to record, so the erstwhile Tom Katers steps up to fill in and we’ll be honest… things get weird. But we all know that when that happens, it’s a good thing.

Running Time: 01:08:12

Pick of the Week:
00:02:40 – Josh made Action Comics #893 his Pick of the Week, luckily Conor and Tom read it and really enjoyed it.

00:11:45 – Conor and Ron were wowed by the art in Chew #14 as well as the hidden easter eggs.
00:14:41 – The inconsistent art on Captain America #610 makes it hard to hang in for Ron and Conor.
00:17:30 – Tom struggled with Justice Society of America #43 and the forced parental relationship.
00:21:30 – Ron’s Pick of the Week was 1 Month 2 Live #2 by Rick Remender and Jamie McKelvie — fantastic!
00:26:48 – Savage Dragon #164 continues to impress Ron with the little fun story telling techniques.
00:28:35 – Tom is having a blast reading Time Masters #3.
00:31:00 – Does it get any better than Avengers: Prime #3? Ron and Conor don’t think so.
00:33:45 – FrankenCastle #21 ends the wacky story of the Punisher as monster, and Ron thinks Remender pulled it off.

User Reviews:
00:37:36 – throughthebrush really enjoyed Captain America: Patriot #2.
00:39:28 – Poopmonster was a bit rough on Wonder Woman #603.

00:45:40 – ChineseTaco from New York wants to know who wins, Darkseid vs Thanos?
00:49:38 – Matthias from Belgium wants to know if Robert Kirkman’s call to creator owned comics worked.

Giveaway Winners:
00:55:19 – Congratulations to all the iFanboy members who won this week!

• Winner of the Warner Bros’ 300 with Extras – Ventura DeLeon
• Winner of Autographed Stan Lee Swag – Brian Hortin
• Winner of the Meet Stan Lee! Contest – Michelle Hay

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  1. Wow Thanos really is a Gil of the Marvel universe. Holy shit.

  2. No Josh??  BOO!!

  3. 2 things about Chew 14:

    1. That was a toe, not a finger.

    2. That wasn’t evidence from a case, it was his ex-girlfriend’s toe that she gave him, which made him realize she was crazy.

  4. Why don’t you guys have Tom on when one of you isn’t deathly ill?

  5. No Josh! This is an outrage!

  6. Josh just happens to catch cold and Tom just happens to be available when your guys just happen to be talking about a Gorilla Grodd story?

    I suspected foul play!

  7. HA! I am over the moon!!


  8. Great show, guys. Tom was especially hilarious this time. Too many zingers to count; my favorite was the quip about there being a little too much "red" in Superman’s cape.

  9. Wait, where do you guys live? Not adresses or anything, but city or state. I thought you guys lived in New York, but Ron said here in San Francisco and I’m confused now.

  10. Thanks for spotlighting my review!  🙂

    I have to confess, though, the mockery of fanfiction becomes wearying after awhile.

  11. I just had to draw Gill as Thanos http://twitpic.com/2uge2k

  12. Is it bad I want an Ultra Brooklynite in comics now?

  13. A iFanboy video show haitus ahh man.



  14. Will there be a Superman/Batman: Apocalypse podcast?  That would be cool.

  15. I second  @srh1son.

  16. Although I hate that they have to come at the expense of one of you not being present, I love Tom Katers episodes and this one was no exception.

  17. Now are people really complaining about Josh not being on here? Or did Josh bribe them to say it? 😉 

  18. "Hello Death? It’s me hunny…..No no, I didn’t get the sale. But you should’ve seen me I almost had them and……Wait a minute is that Warlock? Oh! You told me it was over! No don’t put him on……Hi Adam, heh heh, hi!"-Gil Thanos 

  19. Great show, and I hope Josh feels better.

  20. Josh and Tom are actually the same person. 

  21. "Stop dipping your pizza in ranch dressing, everyone!"

    Tom killed this episode with the zingers.

    And regarding the easter eggs in Chew. Gillory has been doing them all along. If you are a fan of Lost, you’ll notice more than a few names and references. Also just lots of funny headlines and signs. Too many to recall. I learned early on to read Chew once, then go back through and read all the hidden/background stuff. One of my favorites was in the first arc when they were busting the Chicken dealer. In his apartment there was an issue of Vibe magazine with the headline, "What up with Kanye?" Lots of silly stuff of that sort in addition to the more easter eggish nods.

  22. I don’t have any problem with Grodd taking on a kind of Chew like ability with eating brains to absorb knowledge.

    But it isn’t smart to have him try and eat android Lois’ brain – Grodd is supposed to be a high level pyschic- woudn’t he be able to sense that she didn’t have brain waves or a real human consciousness?

  23. amazing show this week, hope Josh gets better and Tom Katers, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.


  24. I can get you a toe, Dude.

  25. Re: Capt America
    Yeah, the art could be more consistent but it’s still good artwork. And, I still enjoy Bru’s story. Aja & Lark collaborated on Secret Avengers #5; I’m hoping they get put on Capt. America as rotating regular artists.

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