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Pick of the Week #201 – Kick-Ass #7

Show Notes

After the 200th extravaganza, we’re back to Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards all by their lonesomes. But don’t fret. A week filled with great art and many industry/business happenings provides for a jam packed week, especially since the books came out on Thursday *grumble grumble*.

Running Time: 01:06:19

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Ron enjoyed Kick-Ass #7 the most and the guys argue the presence of subtext

00:11:55 – A close second to the pick for Ron was the Dark Avengers / Uncanny X-Men Exodus One Shot.
00:16:33 – Everyone agrees, Adventure Comics #2 provides some beautiful Francis Manapul art.
00:16:38 – Speaking of art, how about the pencils on Avengers: Dark Reign – The List One Shot.
00:20:04 – Josh was totally impressed by the major story point in Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #6.
00:28:36 – Conor is loving Pete Tomasi’s writing on Blackest Night: Batman #2.
00:31:49 – A whole lot is happening in Green Lantern Corps #40.
00:33:32 – Ultimate Avengers #2 is getting off to a great start thanks to art by Carlos Pacheco.
00:34:35 – Red Robin #4 gave Conor some cave painting love.
00:35:33 – Josh and Conor are fully immersed in Superman: World of New Krypton #7.
00:37:08 – Red Herring #2 is continuing the momentum of this new series for Josh and Ron..
00:38:29 – Some great characterization in War of Kings: Who Will Rule? One Shot.

User Reviews:
00:39:40 – ohcaroline really enjoyed Models, Inc. #1 much to Ron’s surprise.
00:41:46 – throughthebrush gives a great recommendation of Life and Times of Savior 28 #5.

Book of the Month:
00:44:39 – Josh picked Asterios Polyp as the Book of the Month, and we’ll be doing a separate Booksplode episode about it — so stay tuned for that.

Comics Industry Discussion:
00:45:41 – So, Disney acquired Marvel Comics…
00:52:02 – … and Time-Warner restructured DC Comics and Paul Levitz stepped down as publisher.

Member Giveaways:
00:58:58 – The THIRST giveaway is over and the winners are…

Grand Prize winner of the signed movie poster by director Park Chan-Wook and the soundtrack:
• Michelle Petz

Runner Up winners of the THIRST soundtrack:
• Jason Bullman
• Michael Poteet
• Rishard Chapoteau

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00:59:39 – Live in Chicago? Go see Ron at the Windy City Comic Con next weekend!
01:00:13 – Conor and Ron discuss the movie adaptation of Greg Rucka and Steve Leiber’s Whiteout. Go listen!
01:00:25 – We’re discussing the Fall TV Season on the Murmur podcast this week – don’t miss it at Murmur.com.
01:00:42 – Hear Ron with Evie and Aaron on the Awesomed By Comics.

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  1. Oh come on, just use The Undertones next time!

    Thanks guys, I look forward to listening.

  2. Wow, I read 8 comics this week and you only discussed one of them! Man, do we have like really different taste in comics or what?

  3. Quick question, I’ve only been reading Superman WoNK and have skipped Action, Superman and Supergirl. But for this new WoNK #7 issue could I read it having only read the last issue or do I have to read all the Codename Patriot issues?

  4. Seconding the wish for Djurdjevic to draw a monthly book, dude is apparently REALLY fast too.  I saw him at two sketch offs and he draws some gorgeous stuff.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody who pulled ‘Savior 28’ might have made it their pick.  It’s been a really interesting take on the superhero idea.  It looks like there is a trade coming out from IDW in December, so I encourage people who missed the series to look for that!

    Thanks for highlighting the ‘Models’ review I wrote; I thought it was worth picking up and mentioning because it’s a (rare) example of Marvel moving outside their traditional audience, and also revisiting a genre that used to be viable and has mostly disappeared.  Plus, I just thought it was fun.

    In other news, a few months ago, I was joking about buying stock in Marvel.  I should probably actually have done that.

  6. yep, Saviour 28 was really good. i thought the excution of the story was not as interesting as the ideas it discussed but still really, really good. Pick it up, kiddies

  7. @edward  There were times that I really sensed it was a prose story that had been converted to comic book form — esp. in the last issue — but the art was strong enough, and the words and  the visuals worked together well enough, that this didn’t bother me too much. 

  8. Hey, two Fantastic Fangirls as the user reviews, cool!

  9. It’s a conspiracy.

  10. I’m still trying to figure out what the reveal was in Ultimate Avengers 2. So it was that Bucky married Cap’s lady? Cuz I thought we knew that from the original Ultimates. I remember Cap being okay w/ it because that’s like the WWII thing, or something, "If I don’t make it outta this hellhole, I want you to marry my best dame, Johnny 1940s!" Whether it’s that or the Iron Man thing, I just don’t get why people think that book would be better if they didn’t get whatever the twist was spoiled by Millar; cuz I didn’t hear about it beforehand and I still thought the issue was lame. *shrugs & gives up*

  11. @llash, your statement is ridiculous.  You pulled 8 books.  I think all 3 ifanboys read both 1) Green Lantern Corps and 2) Wednesday Comics, and have discussed both a lot on past broadcasts.  Josh reads 3) House of Mystery and mentions it frequently.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is still reading 4) Secret Six, they’ve certainly discussed it a few times in the last few months.  5) Booster Gold?  Again, wouldn’t surprise me if Conor or Josh reads it.  They used to love it, but that was a different creative team I think?  6) Unwritten, they’ve talked about a few times, I’m pretty sure one of them is reading, or even all 3.

    That leaves 7) Witchblade and 8) Dead at 17 Afterbirth as the only books you read they don’t…and even there they just might and haven’t talked about it.

    Man, do they like not that dissimilar tastes to yours or what?

  12. @Urthona: Just to clarify, none of us read SECRET SIX or BOOSTER GOLD (we dropped off when Remender did). Josh and I read THE UNWRITTEN.

  13. The membership plugs at the end reminded me of something. 

    What happens when it’s time to re-up? (I paid all in one shot last year.)  Will a second t-shirt get sent out?  Or was it just a one time thing?  

  14. @AMuldowney: It’s a one time thing.

  15. @ohcaroline:i agree completely. Why too much narration. I wanted to see the characters actually act out the events of the story, not be told about it afterwards. I just realized that it is very similar to Secret Invasion #8 in that regard

  16. The Wild Hunt #6 really blew me away. It was a reveal that I don’t think anyone saw coming. It literally took my a second read and deep thinking to get that knowledge to fit in perfectly with 10+ years of the character. Now that he’s the rightful heir to King Arthur….that just gives a wealth of ideas for the character. Here I though, months and months ago, that this mini was actually going to kill off Hellboy. Way off….

    I feel so bad for thrashing it last issue and for it’s untimely hiatus. Mignola’s definitely kept my interest with the series now more then ever before.

  17. @Conor-can we at least get a second stash of buttons?  Pwiddy pweese with sugar on top? 🙁

  18. eager to hear what y’all feel about the ending

  19. of asterios polyp

  20. Ron, it’s okay to enjoy Fraction’s X-Men, really!

  21. I was hoping for a little discussion on Unwritten this week.  Maybe we will get a discussion after the first trade is released. 

  22. I honestly wish I’d remembered to include Unwritten this week, but we had a ton of books and still went over an hour.  It was a great issue, and felt like something special as I was reading it.

  23. @Josh – Cool!  Well, let’s hope that the next issue is this good (though that’ll be a tough act to follow) and then you guys can talk about it then! 

    To anyone who’s read the issue and isn’t familiar with Kipling, just go read the Wikipedia entry and see the fantastic job Carey has done by suggesting alternate reasons for the events that happened in his life and in his stories. 

  24. @Josh & Crippler-I was really impressed with Unwritten #1, but decided to wait and enjoy it in trades.  Hope to hear a discussion about the book when the first trade hits

  25. @edward  I wouldn’ t say that there was too much narration in ‘Savior 28’; I think it worked with the story, I wouldn’t compare it to SI 8 at all.  For one thing, S28 had a consistent narrator throughout the 5 issues.  It wasn’t just some disembodied voice throwing caption boxes at us.

  26. @ohcaroline: ok. I’m pretty sure a disembodied voice is narration.


    i didn’t realise that the end of Saviour 28 was truncated. That’s terrible.

  27. I actually thought art duties on the Exodus one-shot were split very well.  The way it was divided made sense and I didn’t have a problem with it when reading.

  28. I’d like to chime in about Adventure Comics. Conor brought up the coloring, which is defintiely a strength of the book. However, I believe a lot of that watercolor effect is coming from Manapul’s own inks. He does a kind of ink wash that gives his art a cool water color effect. Check out some of his original art on his website, it’s good stuff. I think Conor said the same thing about last month’s issue as well, so I thought I’d bring it up. I’ve developed a bit of a Manapul man-crush over the last two months, so Ron better watch out.

  29. Im glad to see you guys managed to put in your thoughts on Disney-Marvel/Levitz. I think a bit of discussion about industry news is a the only thing missing from your podcast and this was a welcome addition. Great job guys!

  30. re: Kick-Ass, I think the sub-text (and I don’t typically think o Millar as someone who writes with a subtext in mind, however…) is that violence in media is male wish-fulfillment and yet this book consistently tells us, no, that’s not reality, this is reality… where "heroes" would get brutally maimed, beaten, and killed. And then each time the fantasy gets broken down, it rises back up again issue after issue.

    The thing is, this isn’t a feminist lit-crit piece that waxes philosophically about violence. It comments on violence by portraying it viscerally, even beautifully. I think it’s so well-executed that it can be enjoyed perfectly fine on a surface level, but there’s also a great deal of depth underneath.

  31. @edward  Savior 28 had a consistent narrator from issue 1.  The last issue of Secret Invasion introduced narration that hadn’t existed for the previous houwever-many issues and didn’t reveal who was talking until the end.  This is a pretty crucial difference.

  32. I didn’t like utopia/Exdus or whatever… but I appreciate more after Ron’s description, that guys enthusiasm is infectious

  33. Still have to listen to the Marvel/Disney discussion, but just wanted to say that throughthebrush’s snipet of a review was compelling enough for me to want to check out the trade when it is released.  Cool stuff

  34. @Urthona.

    Well, okay, fair enough.

    I wasn’t really doing anything even remotely close to complaining – I still listened to and loved the podcast – I was just making a passing comment. 

    (Though, I admit, I was hoping for some conversation about the Unwritten, which was stupendous this week. But I guess there are only so many ways to talk about how awesome the book is.)  

  35. @drakedangerz I’m glad to hear that!  I hope the book makes you as happy as it made me.

    Thanks for spotlighting my review, guys.  I look forward (as always) to listening to the new episode. 🙂

  36. @Ron: I too had a similair reading experience with "Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus" one-shot. Although, I read the last three issues in a row, and after the "Dark Reign – The List: Avengers," which had me predisposed to hating it all the more with the reveal that mutants were now on a slave island. 

    What started out as a dreadful excuse turned into something of an unexpected delight, which had me cheering and laughing out loud. It’s a good thing that I live alone, or else someone would’ve thought me mad. Afterward, I was so jazzed that I called and woke up the girlfriend just to tell her how cyked I was — no pun intended. Cyclops always has been my favorite X-Man and this was an excellent showcase of his skills. Good stuff.


  37. Can I use iVersemedia’s comic book app in iTunes? I don’t have an iPhone, but I’d like to support the company.

  38. Check with them either via their website or Twitter.  They’re advertisers here, but they’ll have to handle their own customer service.

  39. @josh – Understood.  I thought perhaps it had come up.  Apologies.

  40. Unfortunately, according to @iversecomics, the answer to my question is no.  Time to start saving up.  (If it wasn’t for that damn iFanboy membership I would have all that extra cashflow and would have no trouble affording an iPhone.  Oh well.)

  41. Here’s a quick question about Blackest Night and the Batman "death" (two events I’m not following very closely), but since you guys have talked about this I figure this might be as good a post as any to ask my question. 

    If Bruce Wayne didn’t/doesn’t show up as a Black Lantern, should that imply to the heroes that he’s not really dead? 

    I’m really only reading Batman and Robin right now, and will read Blackest Night in trade form, but I was just curious if this would be a clue. (Conor mentioned Red Robin finding the cave paintings, which got me thinking about Blackest Night Batman #2 and this whole Blackest Night event.)

  42. @powerdad: Do you want to know, or do you want to find out when you actually read the story?

  43. On the subject of Kick-Ass late-ness, my pre-order of the HC was just cancelled after having been pushed back twice!  Crazy-ness.

  44. I’m sure the Kick-Ass trade will be out by the time the movie hits theaters or atleast it should.

  45. What is more likely to happen?

    A) The final issue of Kick Ass won’t be released when the film is out.

    B) The final trade for Scott Pilgrim never gets released before it’s film.

  46. @Conor, I don’t mind peeking in the closet and seeing what my Christmas presents are at all.  😉

    Thanks for asking, I realize I didn’t make my intent clear, since I said I would read it later on.

    Personally, in the case of events such as "Blackest Night", "Batman’s Death", or "Look Out Here Comes The Thing Which is Going to Change the Entire Universe for almost 6 months" I’m not too worried about spoiling the stories. These have a way of orbiting the standard continuity, such that I read for the execution of the storyline and not necessarily any attempts at surprises, since again DC and Marvel books just won’t have any meaningful surprises over the long run. (Oh man, am I going to get flamed for this statement? Oh go easy on me. Be gentle.)

    Case in point, learning that Dick is having a hard time filling in for Batman in Batman and Robin didn’t ruin my enjoyment of it. In fact I made issue #1 my Pick Of The Week once I did get a chance to read it (see https://ifanboy.com/users/powerdad/comics/week/2009-06-03). 

    On the other hand, comics and books like Ex Machina and Harry Potter (when the books were still coming out) are such that I don’t want to hear a thing until I’ve read every single inch of the material first myself. In fact, I still haven’t listen to Murmur podcast #5, because I don’t want to hear anything about District 9 until I get a chance to see it. In these stories the nuances do have meaning, and can dull my enjoyment if exposed via a spoiler. 

    Okay, now I’m just running on at the mouth.

    You know, you can ignore my original question if you like. It hit me right now that there is this World Wide Web thingie, and I just googled for this information, and thus you don’t have to spoil it for those who still want their Marvel and DC surprises. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackest_Night or https://ifanboy.com/comics/dc_comics/blackest_night_batman/1_%28of_3%29 if you’re interested in the spoilers).

  47. @TNC

    B, no contest. It’s a better contest if it’s the trade of Kick-Ass instead. 

  48. Hey Guys,

    Great episode! And since it’s been mentioned a couple of times on the show, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato both worked on Witchblade (53-75) and Necromancer for Top Cow and Iron & The Maiden for Aspen before going over to DC Comics. Both guys are hella talented. 

    Take care,

     Filip Sablik


    Top Cow Productions, Inc.

    Read The Darkness/Pitt #1 for free on your iPhone from comiXology.

  49. I did not know that. I knew he didn’t  come from nowhere.

  50. @TNC: A.

  51. About Hellboy The Wild Hunt 6, as far as I can recall (and I reread all of the Hellboy line recently) Morgan Le Fey has not shown up until now. Conor was thinking of Baba Yaga, the Russian witch who helped Rasputin. Oh and I also thought it was one of the best Hellboy issues in a long time.

  52. Also, none of you are "the mean one" (in reference to Conor not wanting to be the mean one in the episode). If you listen to other comicbook podcasts out there you’ll realize you guys are quite nice.

    Of course nowadays with comics like "Irredeemable" one of you should seriously consider turning "evil" for the sake of the on-going iFanboy storyline. Come on, its for the good of the franchise and a potential iFanboy movie.

  53. Oh Josh, Joshy, Josh, JOSH…

     RuPaul= You better woorrk.


     Tim Gunn= Make it work.


    Loverboy (Paul Dean, Mike Reno, Scott Smith, Doug Johnson and Matt Frenette) = Working for the Weekend.

     …now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a soft lonely cry. 

  54. I’m with powerdad Brian Salazar gives waaaaaay more shit to Vince B in one episode than you guys do to each other in all POtW’s combined.

  55. @Ron  Bit off topic, but does Devils Due usually attend/ support the home town con?  I don’t see them listed as a sponsor or attending publisher.  Just Currious.



  56. @Adam – I assume that crying is because you know that, more so than we don’t, right?

    I mean, I’d be crying.

  57. Oo?? I have no idea what you two are talking about.

  58. @Josh  Yep. 

  59. FYI, looks like there’s an error on the timestamps listed in the notes.  My copy of the Avengers The List one-shot didn’t arrive with my comics this week, so I attempted to skip past that discussion on the podcast, but while the notes say that discussion starts at 16:38 and the Hellboy discussion is at 20:04, the Avengers book is actually discussed at 20:04 and Hellboy starts at 23:38–I should’ve known the Adventure Comics discussion lasted for more than 5 seconds 🙂  I managed to skip past any potential spoilers with no harm done, but just a heads up to anyone else who, like me, tends to be a bit behind in their books and listening to these slightly behind the curve.

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