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Pick of the Week #351 – Hawkeye #2

Show Notes

After the haze and delirium of episode #350, the guys are back to the regular show, and Ron Richards’ got his letter writing hat and something to say! We can say that there are a lot of comics to talk about, and in some of those comics, there are a lot of genitals. Sit in, and find the secret of Conor Kilpatrick’s full name. Also: Michael Bolton and Kenny G! “This will not stand!”

Running Time: 01:02:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – It’s possible that Hawkeye #2 is the most beautiful comic book Josh has ever seen, so it is Pick of the Week.

00:12:31 – Conor says Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 might be the best of the bunch, and that’s saying something.
00:14:55 – If you want a comic about burning down a Vietnamese prison camp, The Cape: 1969 #3 is a good way to go.
00:16:48 – Ape does not kill ape, except when they do, in Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #1.
00:20:38 – Conor talks about almost all of this week’s DC #0 issues. He’s a man with a mission. Highlights include Green Lantern #0, Action Comics #0, Phantom Stranger #0, Detective Comics #0, Animal Man #0, Earth 2 #0, Swamp Thing #0, and so on!
00:29:29 – Near Death #11 actually is.
00:30:50 – Creator Owned Heroes #4 brings in the angry talking animals.
00:32:28 – Is The Punisher #15 part of a legendary run on the character? It is for Conor.
00:34:24 – Ron gives a lot of reasons to check out Fashion Beast #1, and you almost definitely missed it.
00:36:23 – There is a lot of story in Archer and Armstrong #2.
00:38:30 – Josh doesn’t pay any attention while Ron and Conor talk about Smallville: Season 11 #5.
00:40:06 – The First X-Men #2 features hungry, angry Wolverine.

User Reviews:
00:42:32 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:43:41 – Markavo makes an apt comparison for Black Kiss II #2.
00:46:23 – gregroy42 is loving Mind The Gap #4.

00:47:25 – Craig’s having some trouble with the definition of superheroes at work.
00:50:21 – Scott wants to know how all these small publishers and imprints are getting by.

00:53:05 – Brandon has beef with the cover and interior artist differential.
00:56:11 – James is down with Darwyn Cooke. Where to now?

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“Purple Rain”
Prince and the Revolution


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  1. Comic’s take a backseat to the NFL(to me)… but I hope this is good for a half-time run.

  2. I’m embarassed by how much I love the song Purple Rain.

    Excellent choice, person that picks the opening song. Excellent.

  3. I was laughing to myself when I wrote the Black Kiss II review. I’m glad the guys appreciated the jokes. As was suggested I read the book again and I agree that there is a definite story; but, I still wouldn’t give it more than a 3/5. I’ll be sure to read #3 more than once before I review it again.

    Thanks to Ron, Josh and Connor for the excuse I can now give my wife: I’m reading it so I can review it.

  4. I know Conor and Ron didn’t say “Ratings, ratings” or give their rating for the book like they did for the number one issues, but is it possible to do this for all of the first Marvel NOW issues ?

  5. Damn shame about Near Death. It was one of my favorite ongoings. I’m really hoping we see more someday.

    In the meantime, I will definitely be checking out Point of Impact.

  6. We should have a segment where Josh reviews a title he doesn’t want to read. Because with his now begrudging readings of Black Kiss II….the comedy you could mine would be amazing.

  7. I love that you talked about Punisher! It has been so awesome since the start!

  8. The Darwyn Cooke issue of Solo from DC is totally worth checking out too, the best one from that run (although that whole series is great, and needs a collection).

  9. I’ll just leave this here:

    (Kenny G and Michael Bolton performing together)

  10. Glad you are commenting on Before Watchmen, I wondered about the Alan Moore book, I might have to go back and pick that up.

  11. The bit where Ron discovered the Allred cover online was one of my favourite iFanboy moments ever.

  12. Great show, guys. (I loved the Allred cover showing up too. That was great.) Excellent reviews and great choices for the books.
    One thing I was surprised not to hear mentioned was that Howard Chaykin had a letter published in Hawkeye #2’s letters column praising the first issue! I thought given how much Chaykin and Hawkeye have both been celebrated recently, that letter would definitely get a mention. Not so!
    Thanks for a quality show and I look forward to the next edition.

  13. What happened in Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon letters column?

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