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Pick of the Week #188 – Red Robin #1

Show Notes

This week on the iFanboy Pick of the Week: mid-western food chains, the tragic plight of the super hero sculptor, Bunk Moreland, and… oh yeah —Β comics!

Running Time: 00:58:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Conor has reason to be excited about the new direction of the Batbooks after this week’s Pick of the Week, Red Robin #1.

00:12:47 – If there was a Scene of the Week, it would go to Batman #687.
00:16:09 – Ron is absolutely reveling in the mess that is X-Men Forever #1.
00:22:57 – There are so many reasons to love The Flash: Rebirth #3.
00:29:03 – Josh thinks that he should like Unthinkable #2 more than he does.
00:33:05 – Fantastic Four #567 was a tour de force for Bryan Hitch.
00:34:04 – Take one cup Checkmate and add a teaspoon of Justice Society to get JSA vs. Kobra #1. Feeds four.
00:34:47 – Wolverine #74 was too much Daniel Way and not enough Jason Aaron.
00:35:43 – Proof #20 ended the current story arc strong.
00:37:29 – With The Unwritten #2, things stay strong but the story might be too dense for issues.

User Reviews:
00:39:12 – akamuu loved X-Factor #44 despite himself.
00:40:20 – JesTr is back and he is over the moon for Green Lantern Corps #37.

00:42:48 – Scott S. doesn’t understand why anyone loves JSA.

00:46:36 – Ryan from Texas has a Ms. Marvel continuity problem.
00:48:05 – Anonymous asks for the three must read Marvel books (other than the current favorites).

“Just Tonight (Demo)”
Jimmy Eat World



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  1. Interesting, Ra is following Tim Drake AND the new Azrael. Wonder if they will team up in the future?

    Ron made X-Men Forever his pick of the week? I’m shocked!*

    *not shocked

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’d be funny if the same person bought the LCD TV and the KY in the same Amazon order.  

  3. I loved Ron in the Red Robin discussion.

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If I were writing Red Robin, I would have villains constantly refer to him as Dr. Mid-Nite by mistake. 

    Same costume! 

  5. Lots of good books this week.

  6. And I love Josh and Conor turning the table on Ron during the X-men talk even more….

  7. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Paul: Ha!  I hadn’t noticed that, but your right.  However, Tim’s probably not pulling the same shaddy stuff Pieter is as seen earlier.

  8. While I did not make ‘X-Men Forever’ my pick of the week, I would have had no shame about doing so.  Solidarity!

  9. red robin (the burger chain, not the persona) was started in seattle, not the midwest

  10. I thought Unthinkable was only a 4 issue run.  Didn’t Conor say something about waiting till later issues?  Maybe you guys know something I don’t.  X-Men Forever was not really good at all!  I can understand the nostalgia behind it and the old-school writing style, but wow.  Not really that good.  One thing I did agree with Ron about was how they’re shitting all over Wolverine.  Very disappointing stuff.  Also, you do not say Marine Corpse.  So why would you say Green Lantern Corpse?

  11. @vadaowens: Anything after this issue is by definition a later issue.

  12. That cheap shot at Winick was hilarious, even if it was cheap πŸ™‚

  13. @conor so its not going to be a continuing series of arcs that you know of?

  14. @vadaowens: I don’t know anything about it being more than just a four issue mini-series. When I said we’ll see how it is after the first arc, that was just general comic book terminology seeping into extemporaneous conversation.

  15. lol. ok. thanks:)

  16. After listening to the show, re: Claremont’s writing, he did try to do "modern style" (minus thought balloons, etc) at least on his most recent Uncanny run.  It felt really flat and random.  It reminds me of when FOX took over baseball and told the announcers they weren’t allowed to talk about dead people anymore.  Tim McCarver didn’t know what to do with himself. 

    X-men Forever lets Claremont do what he knows how to do, and it’s fun the way those old books are fun.  Not saying it won’t go wildly off the rails by issue 2 but right now I’m digging it for what it is.    

  17. Mia Dearden isent just sure! Shes H.I.V positive!

    oh thats awful…..anyway i like Winick!

  18. I still feel bad about saying that.

  19. Both Batman and Red Robin sound like good books.  Might pick them both up later.  The petite store I went to this week didn’t have The Walking Dead, Proof, or Pet Avengers!!!  Have to go tomorrow.

    And there is a Red Robin in Fremont, California.  I have gone twice.  Damn fine burgers.

  20. Actually it’s technically Newark, CA.

     Drake, are you a Fremont native? Which store do you go to? 

  21. @ohcaroline: Here’s a first, a Tim McCarver joke. πŸ™‚

    If I can just say; judging from the voice of Josh….either he read X-Men: Forever and absolutely hated it or he really wanted no part of this. Like it was a drug deal going on in his car. lol

  22. @Miyamotofreak-Damn Newark!!!  I’ll never understand the logic behind how some of these Bay Area cities just merge into each other.  I Just moved from Oakland, but native to Salinas.  I bounce around all over Northern California.  I usually shop at Comic Relief in Berkeley, but have been known to frequent Treasure Island Comics in Fremont recently.  You?

    P.S. I stared at the cover of Flash: Rebirth for 5 minutes and couldn’t find a ZOOM.  I fail at seeing πŸ™

  23. It’s all about the Bunk.  Only three more episodes and I’m done:(

  24. Is Ron still saying "corpse" instead of "corps"? Seriously, he’s been doing it for years

  25. @Garrett: Which is why he’ll never not say it. It’s ingrained.

  26. "It doesn’t matter."

    "It’s not important."
    "That’s not the point."
  27. Haven’t listened, but thanks for the podcast, iFanboys. I’ve been slacking on comics this week. =

  28. @drakedangerz – it looks more like ZOO

  29. @TNC  I’d venture that I can safely stake a large amount of money on Josh not having read X-Men Forever, but if you want to take that bet.  Also, Chris Claremont is actually a clone of Tim McCarver.  Little known fact that ties the whole universe together.

    Also, we have Red Robin in Virginia.

  30. I just don’t care for X-Men.  Like Hulk, I’ve tried it several times, and it didn’t ever grab me.  I find Claremont era books tedious.  I did enjoy Astonishing X-Men.  Mostly.

  31. walking dead?

  32. Great show guys.  I loved all the Red Robin humor (it was much deserved.)  The only criticism I’d have is that there was no reference to the great Deadpool issue this week.  I know that none of the Fanboys read Deadpool, but I picked it up randomly this week because of the cover and I was blown away at how funny it was.  The fact that the ifanbase community made it the clear 2nd place pick of the week (fluctuating around 20% most of the weekend), despite how few people read Deadpool, was stunning to me.  Definitely a must read for anyone who missed it this week. 

  33. @drakedangerz and @miyamotofreak   Small world! I live in Fremont, CA as well!  Treasure Island Comics is my shop of choice (mostly because I live across the street, and the guys working there are super nice).  Are there any other shops in Fremont or Newark?  The closest one I’ve been to outside of Fremont is in Milpitas.  Treasure Island sells out of a lot of books within the first few hours on Wednesday, so I’d miss out on books like Unwritten #1 and Sherlock Holmes #1 when I got there at 3 PM (now that I’m unemployed I get there when they open though, but hopefully unemployment wont last long).  Kings Comics in Tracy is excellent as well, a much more complete selection of floppies, trades, and OGNs, but its a ways away.

  34. What I really want to know now is how Ron feels about Tim McCarver.

  35. Eh, I don’t see much difference between liking Red Robin and liking X-Men Forever (which was my potw in a light week; I only rated it a 3/5). Both sorts of books are kind of senseless, anachronistic and old fashioned. The premise of Red Robin is about as senseless as the premise of X-Men Forever. Tim thinks Bruce is in Europe, for no reason. Tim calls himself Red Robin for no real reason other than to justify DC’s marketability of the title, because there already was a "Red Robin" trademark. Sure the Claremontisms in X-Men Forever can be interpreted as kind of lame, but so can some of the elements of Red Robin: Tim apparently changes from kid to hulking man, increasing his height by about a foot, whenever he puts his costume on. This week over at Comics Bulletin the reviewers pointed out a ton of logistical flaws in Red Robin #1. So it’s not like the Bat-books are like the "mature, adult" choice compared to X-Men Forever’s supposed kiddie-fare. Basically, both books are for nostalgia addicts, as are almost all superhero comics, and I don’t mean that as an insult because I am a nostalgia addict myself. The difference is that at least the fans of X-Men Forever realize their penchant for kitch and nostalgia, and meanwhile fans of many other comics seem kind of in denial about how old fashioned, decadent and obsolete their favorite comic books are. There’s nothing new going on here. There’s no real revolutionary art taking place.

    Deride him all you want, but at least Claremont, at one time, did help revolutionize the medium through his writing. The fact that Claremont seems to wordy nowadays (and he is) says something about how short our attention spans have gotten. Before Jim Lee came along, Claremont’s wordiness help build a reading audience of nearly a million a month, and those kids could follow complex storylines without whining and without wikipedia.

  36. @flapjaxx  I wouldn’t go that far; I didn’t read the ‘Red Robin’ book but I don’t see any sense in denying that there’s a major stylistic difference between Claremont’s X-Men and the norm of current comics storytelling. Though in defense of Claremont’s wordiness, he could have a character explain their power set and entire backstory and motivation in the number of words it could take a Bendis character to decide what he wants in his coffee πŸ˜›

  37. Totally agree with Connor’s attitude this week. I LOVE COMICS! I don’t love the price of comics but that’s why some titles got the axe this week. 

    Yikes, Josh, just yikes.

    Hey speaking of the subject though. Have you read Pedro and Me? Is it any good?

     A small observation: Ron laughs really loudly when he’s talking about X-Men.

    Another fine show, fellas. Thanks.

  38. @KreiderDesgins: PEDRO AND ME is wonderful.

  39. Thanks Conor, guess I know what I’m buying for beach reading. Also, just realized that I spelled your name wrong. My bad.

  40. @ohcaroline: "In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game, that’s how as bad they’ve been now"

  41. @KreiderDesigns – I’d be careful wtih Pedro and Me on the beach.  That book had me WEEPING.  There’s one page in there.  Man it’s all love and compassion and sadness in ink form.

  42. @Josh – Thanks for the heads up. I don’t actually read on the beach…or much in public for that matter. I’ll save it for when I’m on staycation then.

     Still a horrible joke by the way.

    Bonus question; Is Winnick the only positive thing to ever come from The Real World?

  43. I wasn’t thinking about Pedro and Me!  i was thinking about Green Arrow and Blood + Water.

  44. @RyanHoyt-its a cool store, but yeah they do indeed run out fast.  I usually shop in Berkeley because I work close to that store and they never run out when I go (Until today when I couldn’t find Red Robin #1!!!)

    philipgrave068-If I am not mistaken, all of the iFanboys read The Walking Dead in trade form.  I think Ron is all about the hardcovers.

    I just finished Pedro and me and I commented on the forum.  It is brutally heartbreaking; a great read.

    Lastly, you guys should read Lockejaw and the Pet Avengers.  Funny stuff.  

  45. @drake: Josh reads WALKING DEAD in issue, I read it in trades, Ron in hardcovers. And we all are reading LOCKJAW.

  46. @Conor-The Lockjaw comment was mostly directed at the iFanbase.  Glad to hear you guys are reading too!! πŸ™‚

  47. Just in the offchance that I do win the big giveaway, I will be away for a few weeks, and not have access to a computer.  

  48. @drakedangerz

    Treasure Island Comics is my store!  

  49. @ryanhoyt

    oh snap you too!

    That’s the 4th person I know on the site who goes there! We need to meet up sometime (signing or during a sale).

    Yeah, they do order a bit short sometimes. Just remind Alex to order an extra copy.

    There is another store in the area (in Newark). It’s called C and J’s Collectables. It’s a pain in the ass to find (at least for me). But I think they may have better selection (at least on some things).

  50. @miyamotofreak    – Nice!  I’ll look it up, use it as my back-up for when Treasure Island runs out of anything I want.  Thanks!

  51. @flapjaxx I’m in total disagreement with you.  Writing is tighter and gets to the point now.  I read 8-900 pg. classic literature pieces and am able to pay attention to even the most excruciating of detail.  Attention spans have shortened, no doubt, but the writing has changed with the times and is much better than it was during Claremont’s time.  He did his fair shair of revolutionizing comics and the medium in general and since I’m an X fan I have to pay homage.  But now, as an adult, Clairmont’s writing is very tedious for me.  Ultimately, Red Robin was dramatically better than X-Men Forever will ever be.  That book was an absolute nightmare.

  52. I think #188 sounds important because it sounds like "1-888-FANBOYS" the voicemail line.

  53. Ron talking about X-Men Forever is endlessly enjoyable.  I’ve listened to that portion of the podcast three times.  It ALMOST makes me want to read it.  Instead, I’ll probably just listen to that five minutes of the podcast again.

  54. @JumpingJupiter, you’re a very naughty boy. Conor may spank.

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