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Pick of the Week #287 – Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1

Show Notes

Suburban Tragedy as the guys have a ton of comics to discuss this week, an embarrassment of riches in fact. Throw in an e-mail asking for opinions on the DC Comics reboot and you’ve got the makings for a podcast! Good thing we were recording…

Running Time: 01:01:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – Conor’s excitement for Criminal is back with Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1!

00:10:49-  Event books mania! We start with Fear Itself #3, which Conor compares to The Transformers 2.
00:15:27 – Flashpoint #2 comes in with a bit of a “shocking” ending for Ron! (heh heh– get it?)
00:19:07 – The world of Flashpoint kicks off with Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance #1 and it’s the clear hit for everyone.
00:21:02 – In Flashpoint: Abin Sur, The Green Lantern #1, not much is different aside from a clear movie influence.
00:22:35 – Conor didn’t like Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1, but oddly enough, Ron did.
00:23:49 – Conversely, Conor really liked Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1, whereas Ron didn’t really like it.
00:26:00 – If you’re looking for sci-fi genre fun, Ron thinks you should try 50 Girls 50 #1.
00:28:03 – The multiple personalities get that much better in Moon Knight #2 and both Conor and Ron loved it.
00:30:39 – Uncanny X-Force #11 does the unthinkable, make returning to the Age of Apocalypse not only work, but be awesome.
00:33:16 – Josh feels like we’re headed for a conclusion to the greater story with Hellboy: The Fury #1.
00:37:15 – One of Conor’s favorite issues in a while, Jonah Hex #68 is a great one room mystery.
00:38:35 – We have to be honest, The Amazing Spider-Man #663 was rough, and we’re worried about the future of the title.
00:40:01 – The Marvel Zombie Christmas Carol #1 was surprisingly enjoyable, with some great art.
00:41:02 – Who is Jake Ellis? #4 keeps up the quality suspense and action with a great cliffhanger.

User Reviews:
00:42:02 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:43:18 – SilverAgeTom is down on the latest with Hulk #34.
00:45:38 – TheNextChampion struggles with the story but loves the art on  S.H.I.E.L.D.,  Vol. 2 #1.

00:47:38 – Neil B. has got the question everyone is asking: what do we think of the DC Comics reboot?

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  1. I’ll give this one a whirl as it semms to hit many points of interest. 🙂

  2. 287 is just about having insurance. It’s sandwiched in between incest and child abduction.

  3. Ah, yes, the 5 million flashpoint titles a week begins!

    Oddly enough, this was a small week for me. I get Criminal in trades and I’m only getting a very small portion of the Flashpoint stuff and nothing from Fear Itself.

    Also, Conor, it’s interesting how different tastes could be because though Criminal Vol 5 was easily my least favourite, Vol 4 was easily my favourite. Weird. 

  4. Thanks for a teriffic episode of Pick of the Week, you made me laugh out loud more than once

  5. No discussion about “day and date?”

  6. Great discussion about DC’s reboot, guys. I pretty much agree with everything you say.

  7. I would love to see DC bring back Garth Ennis & Warren Ellis. These are two writers not Marvel exclusive and could help shake things up.

  8. Thanks for commeting on my review!

  9. fear itself is bad because there is no central compelling character right now. Hero or villain. Flashpoint is good because we know what the villain is done and it has changed into a save Bruce Wayne story

  10. The point about DC putting the same old and possibly tired creators on their new titles is totally correct.

  11. Thanks and sorry for answering my question!  It kind of felt like the elephant in the room, I can appreciate that you might not have wanted to tackle the topic now, but you guys did a great job.  

    Based on your comments, what do you think about the news that Brian Clevinger was supposed to do Firestorm, but now it’s Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver?  It sounds like DC had a chance to do what you wanted by bringing in something new.   

  12. @ericmci  not much to talk about – we’re all pretty much in agreement that that’s a good move

  13. DC has already put some pretty good “fan service” talent on Aquaman and Wonder Woman so I’d say you’re going to see some heavy hitters on Supes and Bats. But who are you going to expect is going to write Booster Gold other than the average?

  14. @JNewcomb – Well, Geoff Johns wrote Booster for about 15 issues when the title started and created a solid base for who Booster is and how the book should be written. That’s probably the main reason we still have a Booster ongoing.

    It’s not unheard of, having huge names working on “smaller” characters. Bendis is with Moon Knight right now, for instance.

  15. What didn’t you guys like about the last two Criminal arcs? I thought those were the best. I always think that each Criminal arc gets better than the last. The Sinners was fantastic!

  16. I agree that most of the teams are a little bland (at least in the first ten). The one I did get hit by and thought was amazing was Azzraello and Chang on Wonder Woman. That just feels awesome.

  17. @Suicidalkangarooz  I didn’t really think the Sinner was that fantastic but i really really liked Bad Night. such a weird paranoid story

  18. I almost feel like you three have some sort of gripe with Gail Simone or something by the disdain you talk about Firestorm, and in other episodes, Secret Six. I really like your podcast, but it just seems petty to me to complain about books I  know you three won’t even take a crack to review yourselves.

  19. @Mpainter  We’ve reviewed Secret Six on several occasions. I’ll probably take a crack at Firestorm when it comes out.

  20. Ron got me at the end too. Giggle-explosion.

  21. @Alexferrer  I might be mistaken but by “big names” I thought the guys were reffering to big outside comics. Johns and Bendis are known quantities to fans but to new readers they are just another name. Joss Whedon for instance is the kind of name they were reffering too I’d guess. Someone with a reputation outside of comics. If DC manages to get someone like that they won’t put them on a Martian Manhunter mini-series. They’ll get them to write top tier character.

    I guess I didn’t expect a big surprise in the first slew of creative team announcements (though Azz and Chiang on WW is pretty cool). Where it seems the guys sort of were hoping for one.

  22. I believe that this Criminal arc is only going to be 4 issues. I forgot who said it but I really dug Bad Night, Sinners was okay…

  23. @Mpainter  I’m a huge Secret Six fan, and I’d say that the iFanguys have never talked about it with disdain. They’ve each given it a fair trial and it just didn’t click with them. I can respect and appreciate that.

  24. Even when I don’t agree with you guys, you’re on point in terms of knowing what you’re talking about. But the real reason I come back was in awesome display in the last 30 seconds of this episodes. Chemistry, when real like that, is infectuous and makes others feel like they are part of it too. Friends making each other laugh. . . that’s what’s best in life. . . and the lamentation of their women.

  25. Ron- with respect we’ve been waiting for one of the big two to make this move-

    It’s giant news that will possibly alter the way all of comics are consumedand could affect the whole industry, not to mention perhaps changing market share drastically for dc(if it works) just be being available to a larger audience- among other ramifications

    I think it deserved a mention- as huge a thing it is as renumbering the whole line- As you discussed this is a big reboot and DC has done reboots before-
    “Day and Date” is a First in the industry for a pub of this size.

  26. @Mpainter  I was taking a crack at the idea that idea that fans won’t buy or support a Firestorm book. Not that they should or shouldn’t, but it is my experienced opinion that it won’t matter either way. I could be wrong.

    This is us talking about Secret Six. It was not my thing. I’ve never really connected much with Simone’s work. I have nothing against her.

  27. My problem with SHIELD is not that it’s ‘deep’. It’s hardly that. It’s because that Hickman isn’t telling a story really. Just a bunch of ideas of how visionaries from history will fight each other.

    That’s the biggest problem with SHIELD for me.

  28. TNC – I think that is completely true.

    I think Hickman started out with the best intentions and threw out some cool ideas-
    I feel like there’s two or three premises for comic books in here- withought a clear narrative to take you through it.

    It’s like a milk shake that’s too thick- it tastes good but you can’t get through it until it melts down.

  29. I totally agree with your answer to Neil B’s question. Although I am reading DC books, I understand the move.
    @conor  I remember reading the Crisis on Infinite Earths when I was younger as well, I did not own copies of the all the adventures of the heroes up to that point, and got some continuity for the issues I was collecting.
    Who is Jake Ellis is going to be a great TPB. The series rocks!!!

  30. to Ifanboys. I apologize for my tone, and understand if its not to your liking. I just get a little upset by the fact that Simone to me is a very fan-favorite writer, and I wish that books that may once in a while need a plug get it. I appreciated that your team covered Xombi, as this book is exactly what a magic DC book should be. I just like my Secret Six, and Gail Simone is all.

     I understand Ifanboy’s boredom with some of the DC line, as I’ve been there done that with a line too. I really don’t know either if a Simone Firestorm title can survive, but it is my opinion that as long as she is on the book, the book will be safe. It wasn’t until she left book that title was cancelled. The same goes for the time she first left Birds of Prey.

     And right now,  Josh, I’m one of the Internet minority who buys all things DC and some Image, and is probably going to drop all Marvel Titles once SHIELD, Secret Warriors, Young Avengers, and Alpha Flight end. I really feel like there was nothing left for me at Marvel once Brian K. Vaughan left and Iron Fist was cancelled. To each his own, but after many years of reading, and starting out only with Marvel, I’m now mostly bored with the company.

  31. I hope the DC reboot works out but’s it hard to mess with any of the characters. people freak out when you change a costume color of hooking up superman w/ someone else other then Lois. I would like to see a big shake up. The flash point looks good too. not a DC guy but they are coming out with some interesting stuff. Great podcast guys. Thanks

  32. @Thechangingman  I posted the same thing about Ellis and Ennis on another article. Good call my brother!

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