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Pick of the Week #388 – The Wake #1

Show Notes

The Mercury is through the roof up in this podcast (at least for 66.6% of the crew)! Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Josh Flanagan pant over the week’s hottest comic book titles as one NCIS: Los Angeles star waxes poetic on mutated sharks. Dive in for the commentary, stick around for the heat crazies!

Running Time: 01:01:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – The Wake #1

00:09:39 – Adventures of Superman #1
00:16:31 – Dark Avengers #190
00:20:00 – Captain America #7
00:24:16 – Archie #644
00:27:53 – Fury MAX #12
00:30:52 – “Relationships”
00:31:06 – X-Men #1
00:34:28 – Earth 2 Annual #1
00:36:06 – Smallville: Season 11 Special #1
00:38:27 – The Last of Us: American Dreams #2

User Reviews:
00:39:33 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week!
00:40:17 – Small_But_Dangerous_Frog_Man reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #22.
00:42:16 – Vumbo reviews Wolverine and the X-Men #30.

Audience Questions:
00:46:15 – Chris from Birmingham NY wants the iFanboys to take a personality test.
00:49:04 – Andy from North Carolina shares an experience of comics and family.

“Deepest Bluest (Shark’s Fin)”
LL Cool J



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  1. I don’t know who edited this podcast but they should get the Eisner for the Deep Blue Sea music and callback.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just gonna put this here:

    “Wimpy is soft-spoken, very intelligent, and well educated, but also cowardly, very lazy, overly parsimonious and utterly gluttonous. He is also something of a scam artist and, especially in the newspaper strip, can be notoriously underhanded at times.”

  3. I completely agree with Paul that IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is building a robust continuity at a surprising pace. The book is less than two years old and we already have a really solid grasp on the world in which the turtles live. The microseries issues do wonders for giving the characters and settings a larger context without sacrificing the narrative flow of the main book.

    And I totally agree with Frog_Man that Mateus Santolouco is KILLING IT on art. He’s a godsend. Can’t wait for more of Cityfall.

  4. I read 8 of the 10 books you guys talked about. It’s like you know me.

  5. In the MU, Paul is Mr. Fantastic, Josh is Hawkeye, and Conor the Thing. And Josh is Matt Fraction, Conor is Bendis, and Paul is Brubaker. In the DCU, Conor is Lex Luthor, Paul is Dr. Manhattan, and Josh is old Green Arrow.

  6. I would read Fury Max if it continued with Jason Aaron. He did a damn fine job of following up Ennis on Punisher Max.

    • I love Jason Aaron’s work but I wouldn’t. FURY MAX is Ennis’ views of American militarization since World War II disguised as a Nick Fury story. It wouldn’t work by any other writer. It’s not really about Nick Fury, it’s about Garth Ennis, though Fury is the perfect vehicle for Ennis to explore his ideas on war policy. To have another writer come in and tell the continuing adventures of Nick Fury would change the nature of the book, even if it was well-written and interesting.

  7. Fury MAX, my pick of the week too, sad to see the end. The Vietnam bit with the Punisher is still the highlight so this was a nice little recap with the three main characters of the series and Ennis did it superbly. Pug challenging Nick Fury on who has more bloodlust was a great emotional blow that I don’t get often anymore.
    By the way @ 53:32 I nearly fell off the chair laughing, I was hoping Josh was gonna say what we all were thinking. Love it

  8. Liked the X-Men number 1 story ok, but just not liking the Skottie Young variants….