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Special Edition – Iron Man

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The motion picture comic book adaptation of Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr., has been released, we’ve seen it and you know you’re dying to hear what we thought of it

Running Time: 00:25:59

“Iron Man”
The Cardigans



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  1. I don’t know about Jackson showing up in The incredible Hulk but Downey was confirmed to be making a cameo appearance as Stark in the film.

  2. @MisterBlank – Yeah, they showed the clip with Downey at the Hulk panel at NYCC.

  3. @conor 

    Oh, I didn’t know that.

    Did you see the clip yourself? 

  4. International release dates aren’t new, yesterday-people!
    As much as Ron loves Alan cumming…

    Having wondered about the fate of Mandarin since early interviews where Favreau confirmed the villain’s inclusion, I thought it was interesting that he didn’t actually feature. Not at all disappointing.

  5. @MisterBlank – Nope, I only read the report.

    @MikeHasselff – Mandarin *was* in the film. 

  6. @conor, mandarin was in it? I didn’t see him!? WHERE!? I guess I’m not that much of a Iron Man fan, but the movie kick ass nonetheless.

    And btw, I think I’m the only person in Miami, FL who loved Superman Returns. I saw 3 times in theaters. Routhe = Hell of a Superman/Clark Kent.

  7. @mypistola – The terrorist with the shaved head with the big ring who lead a group called The Ten Rings and talked of Genghis Khan and wanted to conquer Asia with the Iron Monger suits… he was a reimagining of the Mandarin.

  8. who did that iron man cover at the beginning of the show?


  9. The opening and close was by the Cardigans – link posted above

  10. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Great couple of shows this week, guys!


  11. Bendis posted on his board a mention that he and a few other writers, and some exec’s at marvel sat down and met with John F to kind of look over and give opinions on the script.  Now I wonder since Marvel has there stuff in house if this is something that would be more likely to happen in other films or more of a perfect storm with the director kind of thing.

  12. I believe it was Conor who said during the show he believed the movie would do well but not do huge biz.

     200 Million World Wide…wow!

     And Superman Returns is great, done and done. BTW Another great movie episode.

  13. @Jurassicalien – IRON MAN did really well, but $200 million (worldwide) isn’t huge, not for a movie like this.  I look forward to being proven wrong, though.  It’s deserving of huge business.

  14. I freakin’ LOVE Superman Returns!

  15. Box-office wise, "Iron Man" may have an advantage over a lot of superhero flicks that open strong, since the reviews and, from what I can tell, the word of mouth, have been so strong.  The way things are structured now, there’s always a substantial dropoff after the opening weekend, but this one might be less than others.


  16. LOVED it. I wish it would have been longer hehe.  We could have used more rowdy Tony Stark at the beginning and more Iron Man suit at the end.

  17. wow. that is a lame contest.

    i mean, cool for people who love telescopes, but ..for people who want to win something Iron Man-y?
    Not so great.

    I’d much rather have a Stark Industries missle for my wall, at least!

  18. i saw it twice, and i still didn’t realize that that was the Mandarin, for some reason, i kept thinking he was just an over zealous Mandarin lackey, and that we wouldn’t see the actual bigbad until the next movie..


  19. I was out of town over this weekend in Arkansas and I took my 3 sons and also my brother-in-law to the movies to see Iron Man on Saturday night.  My kids were super-excited (twin boys who are 14 and also an 8 year old) to see the movie and were afraid that it would be sold-out when we got there.  I told them, "Surely not, we are in Arkansas after all…I am sure that the movie won’t sell out."  Much to my surprise the 6:20 showing we originally went for was in fact sold out.  So we had to wait for the 7:00 showing.  About 15 minutes after buying our tickets for that…it sold out as well.  We had to wait in an extremely long line just to get into the theater.  And we were at a decent sized theater with 10 screens and about 300 seats in each theater.  So…if it goes down like that enough times at a majority of other theaters across the country it should do well.

    Having said that, it was of course awesome.  And it was interesting to get my brother-in-law’s opinion of the movie.  Because he is about the farthest thing from a "comic book fan" and he loved the movie.  So it was good to see it catered to both audiences very well.

  20. In all fairness over Stane knowing how to use the armor, in the comics, Stane’s armor was partially controlled by an AI in order for him to work it so you could see it in that respect.  I’m sure Faverau would have put it in if it would have worked for the pacing.

  21. btw

    i loved superman returns also!!

  22. Superman Returns was awesome, and wheres the love for X2?  Iron Man was also very good.

  23. This movie is a monster.  $565+ million dollars worldwide so far.

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