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Pick of the Week #323 – Fantastic Four #603

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With Ron Richards off covering Image Expo 2012, Paul Montgomery steps in to join Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan to talk all things comics… and all things nautical? Also, who is this Tim Drake person that everyone keeps going on about?

Total Running Time: 01:01:55

Pick of the Week:
00:02:27 – Fantastic Four #603

00:11:15 – Chew #24
00:14:48 – Secret Avengers #23
00:19:39 – Magneto: Not a Hero #4
00:21:39 – The Flash #6
00:26:46 – Prophet #22
00:30:33 – No Place Like Home #1
00:32:29 – All-Star Western #6
00:35:24 – New Mutants #38

User Reviews:
00:37:34 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:17 – Neb was all about the Francavilla art in Captain America & Bucky #627.
00:40:04 – TurdSandwich loved everything about I, Vampire #6.

00:42:22 – John from Brooklyn, NY wants some good (old) Tim Drake stories.
00:47:16 – Matt S. wants to know if it’s safe to jump in the (old) Hawkman waters.

00:49:00 – Scott from TX asks: what if you threw Wolverine into space?
00:53:05 – Ben from Austin, TX is looking for comics about sea adventures.

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  1. Robin #156 is one of my favorite single issues in a comic. Robin talks a kid down from jumping off of a roof. It’s suicide prevention fiction done exceptionally well and it’s also a fantastic character piece on Tim Drake. It manages to avoid saccharine didactic moralism

    (I think it was Josh’s Pick of the Week too)

  2. John from Brooklyn might want to pick up the latest edition of A Death in the Family, as it contains Tim Drake’s first appearance in the storyline after Jason died. It’s still one of my favorite Batman stories. I wholeheartedly second the idea that all of the Chuck Dixon Robin books were great. Also there’s a DC Histories article about Tim.

    While I haven’t read all of Geoff Johns’ Hawkman run, what I have read is quite good. And, y’know, there’s a DC Histories about that guy too.

  3. I neglected to recommend Corto Maltese (new collection coming soon), Tintin and Popeye for sea-fairing adventures.

    • Corto Maltese! That’s what I was going to say, it is one of the European masterpieces and a 100% about seafaring.

    • I suspect that European comics have a much larger canon of seafaring stories. He could also try Asterix and the Great Crossing, which involves a sea voyage to America.

      Aren’t there some sea-related Prince Valiant stories?

  4. Thanks guys, what Josh said is very correct, i will absolutely take B+ Hawkman over what the Savage Hawkman is becoming, and glad to hear it was mainly good.

    • I thought that was one of the best Hawkman runs ever and remained strong all the way to its cancellation. It really had James Robinson’s signature on it with all of the past lives issues. Ryan Sook’s Hawkman is still one of my favorite renditions.

  5. Good recommendation for a Hawkman story: Hawkworld by Tim Truman.

  6. You guys always say John Chu, but his name is Tony Chu. His cyborg partner’s name is John.

  7. Thank you for the Aryan Avengers comment Conor! I thought the same thing. It reminded me of an old joke from What The?!? where they did an Avengers roll call which was just a Bryne drawing of Steve Rogers repeated over and over with Hawkeye, Hank Pym, etc.

  8. Seaguy.

  9. I was originally mildly irked by Captain Cold’s metahuman makeover as I thought it went agOWLainst his everyman appeal. Now though, I think it makes a lot more sense. I mean, how did he keep making that cold gun? Also, it makes him a more direct analogue for the Flash, who is also a metahuman.

  10. Thanks for highlighting my review guys. Like I mentioned in the beginning portion that wasn’t read on the show, I can totally see how this story and art are a complete taste thing. For me, it’s working, but I can understand how it doesn’t for others. Those Samnee issues were something special for sure.

  11. The guy interested in sea stories should definitely consider Submariner: The Depths. This was really a story of paranoia in small spaces, brilliantly drawn within the physical submarine of a crew. Very much a sea story, and only lightly anything to do with Submariner.

  12. Does anyone else think that “From the Desk of TurdSandwich” should be a regular podcast feature?

    • My name is TurdSandwich, and I approve this idea. I could be like a fecal-tinged version of Andy Rooney……. although I’m not sure that is something to aspire to be.

  13. Hey guys, thanks for including my review. When I saw it on the timeline for the show I wondered if you’d get through my screenname without at least a snicker. As Connor noted, the name just exudes class. It is from one of my favorite South Park episodes, and I couldn’t think of anything better. I immediately felt cooler just seeing my inclusion in the podcast, so thanks for making my morning a little brighter.

  14. for seafearing books, try “Voyage into the Deep” by Francois Riviere and Serge Micheli. Its all about Jules Verne and Captain Nemo. Its a French graphic novel (english) in that thin Euro HC format. It was pretty good.

    Also there was a Bram Stoker IDW mini series from last year or so…called Death Ship….kind of a supernatural mystery at sea. The art was pretty interesting.

  15. John Prophet knows all about the “poop deck”.

  16. Hello, what is a “Riggens?”

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