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Pick of the Week #120 – Green Arrow and Black Canary #5

Show Notes

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe, FooComics.com and Triptych Books!

Running Time: 01:02:00

00:01:23 – iFanboy 3.0 is here!

Pick of the Week:
00:06:38 – Josh might have been late to the party but Green Arrow and Black Canary #5 was his Pick of the Week.

00:15:24 – The Alias reunion in The New Avengers #38 was awesome, but…
00:19:36 – Reaction is mixed to Fantastic Four #554!
00:23:21 – Ron’s love for Fantastic Comics #24 knows no bounds!
00:27:12 – Geoff Johns somehow made Zero Hour interesting in Booster Gold #0.
00:31:00 – Astro City: Beautie was creepy good.
00:33:20 – It was a big week for Jason Aaron with Wolverine #62 and Ghost Rider #20.
00:35:27 – Ron barely has the words to describe his disappointment in X-Force #1.
00:37:23 – With Captain Marvel #3 there are more Skrulls.

Book of the Month:
00:39:54 – It’s our first Book of the Month: Godland: The Celestial Edition, Book 1!

00:48:56 – C. Kevin (AKA Luthor) in Canada wants to know about swapping characters.
00:50:59 – Clint B. asks why puny iFanboys hate Hulk?

More News:
00:55:03 – WonderCon 2008 announcements!

California Girls
The Magnetic Fields

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  1. I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I was going to comment that the weekly podcast’s show notes and comments need to be more prominent on the front page, and then I noticed the link was hidden under an errant Adblock button!  Off I go to listen to some iFanboy goodness!

  2. @HBD turn off ad block 😉

  3. I’m trying to disable it for iFanboy, but I need it running for some sites.  Digg for example, has some of the most annoying ads ever.

  4. There we go.  Hey look, I can buy Smax for only $6.38! 😀

  5. we appreciate your support HBD!

  6. I’m confused…is Netflix still a sponsor? Is Josh leaving? I need answers or if not that then a damn bow!

  7. Yes and yes.  No, wait… I mean, yes and no.

    I’m confused. 

  8. You’re confused if Josh is leaving???

     Don’t leave, Josh, I’ve nearly finished Preacher!!!!!!

  9. Where the hell am I gonna go?

  10. To the top!

  11. great episode.


    two new rules to ifanboy drinking came:

    whenever strippers are mentioned, take a shot.

    whenever josh hates something/someone, take a shot. 

  12. Jester: That’s going to get me more drunk than the Iron Chef drinking game!

  13. In the tradition of Judy from Family Matters…Josh will walk upstairs and never be seen again.

  14. @Josh, RE: Godland

    I picked up issues 1-20, loved them all, and will be getting #21 this week!

  15. IMHO, I thought X-Force was a pretty good start (art and story).  Just my thoughts.

  16. Great show this week. I really dig the new Trade of the Month addition. I’m way more into reading trades than single ishs. I like the video show because of it’s focus on trades. It’s just not as easy for me to pick up single ishies and it can be kind of expensive. Where as trades I can resell when I’m done. I’m not much of a collector. I just like reading the stories and looking at the art.

    How’s about talking about a trade every episode? Love the shiz-ow.

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