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Pick of the Week #220 – Siege #2

Show Notes

The gang’s all here as Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards and Josh Flanagan gather together after a long day of work to babble about the week’s comics. And not just some of the comics. In a special one-time only event, the iFanboys break format and talk about ALL of the comics that they read from the past week. Who’s idea was this? They don’t know but they’d like to find him or her and kick their ass.

Running Time: 00:59:06

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – Siege #2

00:12:06 – Wolverine: Weapon X #10
00:16:18 – Scalped #34
00:18:40 – Sweet Tooth #6
00:21:00 – Red Robin #9
00:23:01 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32
00:25:19 – Demo, Vol. 2 #1
00:27:57 – Justice Society of America Annual #2
00:29:15 – Jonah Hex #52
00:30:11 – Criminal: The Sinners #4
00:31:26 – The Invincible Iron Man #23
00:36:37 – Nova #34
00:37:35 – Blackest Night: The Question #37
00:38:30 – Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
00:40:18 – Batman Confidential #41
00:40:35 – Cable #23
00:41:28 – Marvel Heartbreakers
00:42:29 – Savage Dragon #157
00:42:55 – Doom Patrol #7
00:43:53 – G.I. Joe: Origins #12
00:45:08 – Superman: World of New Krypton #12

User Reviews
00:46:23 – glwarm76 did not enjoy Siege: Embedded #2.
00:48:51 – ActualButt was surprised to find that he did enjoy Ultimate Comics X #1.

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  1. The Hmong gang is from the Twin Cities. There are some hardcore Hmong gangs in the area. When they showed up in Scalped I kinda freaked out a bit.

  2. Great show as per usual guys shocked to hear u like Ultimate X I refuse to buy any book with loebs name on it and contend that the only diffrence between him and chuck austin is that he was smart enough to A. rip off the godfather and B. team up with tim sale also i have my fingers crossed that the sentry dies a horrible violent death and is then blinked out of the universe.

  3. It’s going to be on a long week at work, but this should help it get off to a good start.  Thanks!

  4. Great show guys. All I know is that I’m glad that I’m not the only one who was underwhelmed by Demo Volume 1 and I still agree with Josh in picking Scalped over Blackest Night. 

    And, man, that was a whole lotta books! 

  5. Who ripped off the Godfather? In what book?

  6. @KickAss Jeph Loeb did The Long Halloween and to a lesser extent dark victory

  7. You guys didn’t like Bad Night? That arc was killer (and I know it’s Bru’s favorite).

  8. Wow. Covered all my books plus a ton more. It even lacks description. And all that in a shorter time!

  9. You know, it’s funny. If the Sentry’s thing is flying away and whinging; the ifanboys’ thing is doing a podcast and whinging about the Sentry… every week

  10. Whew look at all those books listed in the rundown. This is going to be good–I would never buy or read Cable (tried the first ish, tho), but I like the prospect of hearing Ron talk about Cable #23 while Josh and Conor are forced to listen. Cheers as always, guys.

  11. Conor there was a bit of a Aquaman/Wonder Woman ship going on in Morrison’s JLA; it wasn’t overt but it was there.

  12. @Heroville: Yes, I know. I did a Mini that dealt with it.

  13. @Heroville: We weren’t talking about a Aquaman/Wonder Woman relationship on the show this week, though. We were talking about Batman/Wonder Woman.

  14. This podcast was THE best way to ignore the Super Bowl halftime splatter. 

  15. It seems like Cap coming back and his reaction to the status quo is leading up to a showdown w Osborn.

    It is cool, but I don’t know….

    I feel that only one person should be taking his ass down (Spidey).


    Thoughts anyone?

  16. Joe Kelly did a JLA story after Morrison and Waid where Wonder Woman and Batman hooked up in a future vision thingy. Bruce is a-sexual he’ll never hook up

  17. "I come back here and WHAT THE FUCK!" – Currently the quote of the year.

    First episode where every book I read is covered… gotta say, that’s a nice feeling.

  18. I’m with you UncleBob – It should be Spidey.  But will it?  No idea, Cap and Iron Man and even Thor all have legit reasons to will be/want to be the one.

    I want it to be Spidey, but if its a situation where he’s beaten and they let him make a ‘statement’ punch or something like that, then I’d be upset.

  19. I won’t say Spider-Man has been disengaged during Dark Reign, but he has certainly handled Norman’s rise to power better than I would in his place. I suppose he has gotten used to the world dumping on him. Still, they’ve gotten me to the point now where I forget Norm was ever a Spider-Man villain. Can you imagine forgetting the Red Skull was a Cap villain?

  20. yes, but think it. About The Kingpin started off as a Spiderman villian, who do you think of when The Kingpin’s mentioned now?

     Characters move on. If they don’t, you get the sames story over and over which sucks

  21. Great show, Glad you mentioned Volstag ont the goblin glider. I giggled with glee when I saw that pannel. My roommate thought I was weird, until I showed him the pannel.

  22. Objection! Wolverine cares for X-23 quite a bit.

  23. On the blood with Ares: I think it’s incredibly appropriate. When you look at books like th Iliad and the Aeneid, people die in graphic, violent and horrific ways. For Ares, a product ultimately of this literature, to go out as he did was exactly as it should be. I’m glad Coipiel didn’t pull punches.

  24. Awesome show, guys. I have to admit I kind of prefer the previous format since it give you guys more time to discuss each new book, instead of spending time worrying about getting every single book in your 1 hour podcast.

  25. One more thing: how comes Jessica Jones was nowhere to be found in the double spread in the Siege 2? Unless I’m mistaken, she is still an avenger.

  26. HOORAY! Greatest podcast ever! Thank you for covering all the books. This kind of podcast is exactly what I’m looking for in a weekly podcast. Thank you for doing what I requested so long ago. I know you guys sounded like you didn’t enjoy it as much as the usual ten weekly books, but I’m very happy you gave it a shot. I thought it was great. Thank you for listening to your fans.

  27. Jessica Jones has never been an Avenger.  She busted out the costume, I think, for the Annual where they rescued Clint, but nothing was said about her joining the team. 

  28. @MattB: same here buddy, same here. I really don’t know why they enjoyed it (haven’t heard the podcast yet) but I’m curious to hear what they have to say about it that could possibly vindicate Loeb.

  29. heh, showcase a review NOT liking Embedded (the one I loved) and a review of that god awful Ultimate X #1. You guys must be bizarro ifanboy.

  30. @Mangaman: Well, since we are actually iFanboy, it makes more sense that you are Bizarro iFanboy.

  31. @Mangaman: Not that any of that makes sense in relation to what we actually talked about because we all really liked SIEGE EMBEDDED #2.

  32. Maybe that Loeb laid off the lame fight scenes, shitload of special guests, hundred (hyperbole) double-page spreads/splash pages and told a relatively quiet story with some characterization and development. 

  33. @Heroville – That explains it! The Wonderwoman vision!


    Conor’s Aquaman Mini:


  34. Great episode, although I am suprised to hear ron say this issue of Weapon X is the best Wolverine issue….Ever!

    Really? I mean I am not a Wolverine fanboy but I could of classic stories probably better then this issue. Then again it was good, not going to argue that.

  35. Yeah, c’mon, Ron. "Best Wolverine Story Ever"? The art was great, but the story features Logan playing CHESS and acting like he’s doing an impression of some typical 30-something guy from an NBC sitcom. Love doesn’t have to make sense, but there was little build-up to Logan all of a sudden changing "who he is" to be with this random woman. Are you sure you just didn’t like it because there was a Smiths/Morrissey reference? Overall, it was okay, though, don’t think I hated it.

    Great ep overall, guys. You’re on the verge of convincing me to give Siege a try even though I usually don’t like Bendis Avengers stuff. You may not realize how big of an accomplishment that is, at this point.

  36. I really enjoyed this episode, it was packed and pacey. Nice one, I hope you do it again sometime.

    Conor, surely an anthology is one book with a number of stories in it, maybe by the same creators, maybe by different ones. Sounds like Demo is a series of one-shots such as, say, DC’s old First Issue Special. I’m not sure you could consider a series an anthology, but collect the things in one volume and no argument. 

    Olivier Coipel does indeed just get better – I wish DC would collect his Legion of Super-Heroes work with Abnett and Lanning – cracking stuff!

  37. @Mart: We’re never doing this format again.

    DEMO is definitely an anthology.

  38. @Conor:  that’s too bad.  It still was 1 hour.

  39. @Conor But . . . but . . . you were MAGNIFICENT!

  40. Yea, Conor, know you don’t want to listen, and you guys kept talking about how bad the format was, etc, etc, but I really enjoyed the show.  But then, I pretty much enjoy all your shows…thanks!  Believe it or not, even hearing Ron say "Got nothing to say about Savage Dragon, I love it, it’s great, move on…" was informative and interesting.


  41. And, oh yea, DEMO is not an anthology, no matter how many times you say it. 🙂

  42. You can believe what you like.

  43. 1) Great show. 


    2) HOG Butcher for the World,

         Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,
         Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler;
         Stormy, husky, brawling,

         City of the Big Shoulders: 


    Carl Sandburg: "Chicago" (Emphasis added)

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