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Pick of the Week #167 – I Kill Giants #7

Show Notes

There’s a cold tearing its way through the iFanboy offices. We apologize for the sniffling.

Running Time: 00:56:52

00:01:50 – A heart breaking ending in I Kill Giants #7 earned Pick of the Week honors from Ron!
00:10:26 – Final Crisis #6 both excites and confounds!
00:18:42 – There were a lot of panels in Invincible #58. A lot of awesome panels.
00:20:54 – Action Comics #873 had Josh and Conor excited for more Superman.
00:23:48 – Captain Britain and MI:13 #9 made Ron wistful.
00:25:55 – Josh has jumped on board the B.P.R.D. train with B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess #1!
00:27:06 – Something big went down in Fables #80!

User Reviews:
00:28:09 – yyzKyle sings the praises of G.I. Joe #1!
00:31:23 – robbydzwonar trips Nightwing #152 and then kicks it while it’s down.

Book of the Month:
00:33:10 – Ron loves the superhero send ups and relationship drama in Empowered, Volume 4!

00:40:09 – Jonathan wants to know what’s the deal with these variant The Amazing Spider-Man covers.

Voice Mail:
00:43:52 – Lauren doesn’t know what to do about the books Geoff Johns is leaving.
00:46:32 – Sam from New York asks about New York Comic Con.
00:47:41 – Sayed from New York wants to know what the heck is up with Pretty Baby Machine #2?!

iFanboy News:
00:49:28 – Coraline giveaway only for iFanboy Members. 6 winners will randomly be chosen from our members. Sign up for an iFanboy Membership, and you’ll be eligible too!
00:50:30 – Get a free Neil Gaiman download from Audible.com. This one’s for everyone who wants it.

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“Kid Gloves”



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  1. Jesus, you sound like you’re dying

  2. I’m not so bothered by the Faces of Evil covers washing out the titles so much as seeing Ra’s al Ghul in a diaper.

  3. Will there be a special edition coraline podcast?  

    Also, is there any sort of ad I can stick in my LCS? 

  4. I’m listening to your review of Final Crisis right now and I’m wondering if Ron, Josh (or even Conor) recall Batman #683? Because it sort of answers how Batman escapes from capture. And personally, I think it’s pretty badass.

  5. I think Ron (who doesn’t read Batman, I think) is saying that Batman’s escape was important enough to happen in Final Crisis.

  6. you guys sound like zombies

  7. Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run was amazing. It ended in 1999 though, wowza. I am old. 

  8. HermitHomeboy pretty much said what i was thinking cause issue #683 was super bad-ass.

  9. "unless it’s someone you DON’T like, stick around."

    Good advice!

  10. We’re gonna need a list of IMPORTANT Final Crisis tie-ins.

    I mean there are tie-ins…..and there are tie-ins. (Am I right fellas?) Cause it certainly seems the Last Rites issues for Batman are important to FC, and so is Resist and Submit one-shots, and either Superman Beyond or Legion of Three Worlds is important. So hopefully all the tie-ins can be collected in one or two books at the most when it’s all in trade.

  11. @ TNC: Superman Beyond and Legion of Three Worlds both sure look important, but that may be because we haven’t seen thier conclusion.  Submit adds to the overall story, but I can’t think of anything really integral to the series was revealed in it.  I am still trying to figure out how Resist fits into this time line, and I don’t think I’ll get a fullfilling answer on it. 

    I was expecting FC #6 to start tying a few things up but it actually introduced questions,  and is the first sign to me that this series might not be wrapped up in a satisfactory way.

  12. What was the other book this year that was similar to I Kill Giants?

    Great podcast guys.

  13. Enjoyed the show as ever but, as ever, wondered what’s behind the opening and closing music? Is there a link to something discussed? I’ve never heard of Kid Gloves, but that’s not surprising, am old. They Might Be Giants would have made sense (did you do that last time the book was picked?). I’m not that big on you having lots of contests for iFanboy members, I’d rather you put the money we give you back into the show. But if thre free tee shirts are cheap, gimme!

    You could perhaps have a mini-contest every week asking listeners to find the link between the song and show. Otherwise, I favour a proper theme tune!

     That Spidey Obama short was just rubbish, but the main story was terrific. My very short opinion on a couple of things about ASM 583: http://dangermart.blogspot.com/


  14. @Spoons: Resist fits in between FC 3 and 4.

     About the whole Batman thing. Initially I was of the mind that the reader didn’t "need" to see anything before the confrontation between Bats and Darkseid. I still think that, but I have to add the qualification that it sure might have been NEATER to see a step or two leading up to that moment rather than a few of the many, many panels devoted to Tawny and the Marvels. Even if we had, beforehand, seen a silent panel of Batman walking in a corridor, or rising from the machine they had him in, I do think that would’ve added to the mood, even though it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

  15. @Spoons: Sorry! I just realized I confused Resist with Submit (which does fit in between 3 and 4). I haven’t even read Resist. But if my answer that it fits in between 3 and 4 works for Resist too–go with it!

  16. How is it possible that three NYers don’t know who RZA is?

  17. RZA, Genius GZA, Raekwon Chef, Old Dirty Bastard, Method Man, U-God.

    That was from memory. 6 of 9 isn’t so bad.

  18. Well I’m totally lost.

  19. Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, and Ghostface Killa!

    The Wu-Tang website is woefully out of date though.

  20. I think that Josh and Ron both had legitimate, personal complaints about Final Crisis, but damn if Conor didn’t just set up and tear down every single bullshit, Final Crisis-hating-bandwagon-jumper’s complaints about the best comic event of all time ever.
  21. Well after looking at the tie-in’s listed for this event I can say without a doubt you need to read these tie-in’s:

    Batman #682-683 (The Last Rites issues with how Batman got out of the Machine in FC #2)

    Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (I dont know about Superman Beyond but if Sups is with Brainiac 5 then the Legion story must be important)

    Final Crisis: Resist (Explains why Checkmate is trouble, and why Mr. Terrific has all those OMAC’s with him)

    Final Crisis: Submit (Explains why Tattoo Man is a part of this storyline)

    Final Crisis: Reqiuem (Only saying it’s important cause it shows how Martian Manhunter got into Libra’s hands and shows his death in a more important way)

    Final Crisis: Revelations (Someone already said it but this series seems to focus on a lot of other factors in this Darkseid world in the hands of Spectre and The Question)

    So those, I believe, are the tie-ins you all need to read (including some myself) in order to get a better gist of what is going on here. Other tie-ins like Last Will and Testament, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Rouges Revenge, Superman Beyond, and Secret Files say they are important. But most of them dont seem to have that big of an impact to the overall story.

    But really I have read the majority of FC without reading most of the tie-ins and I have been fine with what is going on.

  22. Another great podcast, guys.

    Who the hell is TNC talking to?

  23. I’m only reading Final Crisis Revelations and I read the FC: Resist one shot. They are/were both great.

    I might pick up the Final Crisis hardcover if I hear the story is good.

  24. Great show guys.  Hope you feel better soon Josh, drink orange juice!

    I won’t comment on Final Crisis because I’m tired of saying anything about it.  All three of you guys made valid points about it, that is all 🙂

    Oh, and in Invincible, the guy was revealed to still be alive at the end of issue #51 I believe.  Who’s your favorite alternate Invincible?  I gotta go with Viltrumite mustache Mark or Omni-Mark 

  25. Yay Voxtrot!!!

  26. Josh, what were you referring to when you were talking about Fables? About Buckingham?

  27. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking about.  What did I say?

    (Oh god, I hope it’s not about the hooker thing….)

  28. I don’t have anything to add about any of the comics discussion, but I did want to mention I had exactly the same reaction to "Burn After Reading" that Josh did.  I went with my brother and, after the movie, we just kept looking at each other periodically for the rest of the evening and saying, "JK Simmons."  He should be brought on at the end of every movie to wrap up the plot — it would make mediocre films good and good films great.

  29. Hooker thing??  Good thing I skipped over the Fables section 😛

  30. @Josh – We should throw Cappadonna some love too.

  31. The answer to Josh’s question, "Is this a J.G. Jones page?" The answer is, "Probably not."

  32. Wait… did Geoff Johns write Blade?  Ron made a crack about it.  I just need to know if that’s true.

  33. Sorry Josh, I said Buckingham but I meant Willingham.

  34. You can find the column on Wilingham’s comments here.

    And this is why you should check the site every day! 😉

  35. Thanks, I understand now.

  36. thats me ! i am on the podcast. thanks guys. by the way. my name is spelled saayed 🙂

  37. Hey, I always heard Mahnke’s name pronounced "Man-key."  I have no idea how you actually say it, just FYI.

  38. Monkey is more fun to say.

  39. Can’t argue with that 🙂

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