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Pick of the Week #216 – Sweet Tooth #5

Show Notes

The iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast returns with the first new episode of 2010! It was late at night, Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick were drinking and it was broadcast live over USTREAM! And not only that but a deep freeze in the northeast of the United States meant that Josh Flanagan and Conor’s internet connection made them sound like they were calling in from Alaska!

Running Time: 00:54:47

Pick of the Week:
00:02:54 – A shocking twist propelled Sweet Tooth #5 to Pick of the Week.

00:09:40 – Opinions were mixed on Siege #1.
00:12:40 – Opinions were also mixed on Siege: Embedded #1.
00:16:26 – Opinions were not mixed on Blackest Night #6.
00:19:59 – Ron missed an important panel in Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2.
00:22:33 – Despite Black Lantern Jonah Hex Weird Western Takes #71 was disappointing.
00:25:45 – The Mighty #12 ended the story on a very satisfying note.
00:27:56 – Proof #25 made Ron and Conor sad.
00:30:28 – Forgetless #2 was even better than the first issue.
00:32:16 – Ron loved the comic book love in Savage Dragon #156.
00:33:47 – Red Robin #8 was the best issue of the series yet.
00:35:50 – Ron loved X-Factor: Nation X.

User Reviews:
00:37:16 – Akamuu loved Ultimate Spider-Man #6.
00:40:16 – odare77 was all about Sam Kieth in Batman Confidential #40.

00:42:29 – Matt from Alberta, Canada is new to comics.
00:45:31 – Scott asks about re-readability.

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  1. I missed the live broadcast because I went to the beach.

  2. I missed the live broadcast because I went to sleep at 11:00. [I’m an old, old man.]

  3. They will never change Peter’s hair, just so everyone can enjoy your jokes about it.

  4. Thor v Sentry = Captain Marvel v Superman <Kingdom Come> kinda?

  5. I enjoyed the live broadcast and hope it happens again.

  6. The 11 o’clock drink roll call homage made me bust a gut. When Josh said he was drinking Pepsi, it made it even better. Great show as usual.

  7. Great show guys. Wish we could get audio from the aftermath. Now those were some fun couple of hours!

    I say Conor needs to go out and get Batman Confidential this week. He missed out on a beautiful looking comic.

  8. I tweeted to David Lafuente that Peter’s hair makes him look like Cortana from Halo. He said he never played it. I realize now (if I didn’t already) that Bendis is the guy to tweet that to, him being the writer on that Halo mini.

    That’s giving Sentry more credit than is due.

  9. I only caught the first half of the live broadcast.  Whoever’s job it was to edit the audio down into the podcast did a great job.  The podcast sounded tighter in certain spots than the live version.  Gotta say that I appreciate the work that went into the editing.

    Glad I skipped WEIRD WESTERN TALES. And Ron, the SUICIDE SQUAD one-shot was really more of a first part in a SECRET SIX storyline.  The Squad showed up, sure, but the action continues in SECRET SIX next week. Just so you know.

  10. live broadcast was superfun

  11. Moral of the story, asking other fans what to read gets you bitch slapped.

  12. Question about the iFanboy membership. 

    If I become a member now would I get the Graphic.ly beta, the commentary, and the little packages you guys sent out or is it too late? 

  13. @miyamamotofreak: You would be elliglible for the early beta and you would be eligibile for the biveaways. The commentary was our 2009 gift to the members so you wouldn’t get that but you would be eligible for the 2010 gift.

  14. Gosh darn, the commentary was what sent me over the edge. Ah well, if there is more to come like that…

  15. No Stumptown #2 mention? I am surprised.

  16. I don’t know, dudes. I couldn’t imagine buying so many comics (or movies, or books) that I didn’t read more than once. You don’t need to buy a hardcover of something you already have in single issues just for an excuse to reread something. Rereading things is good: it brings out deeper meanings in stories you may not have liked or "gotten" the first time around, and it demystifies the ultimately cheap gimmicks of many books that are "fun" but aren’t really the sorts of art that provide you with a deeper experience of life.

    I’m not above the pitfalls, either. Once or twice a year I do buy a hardcover of something I already own the single issues of, and at the time I do think of the excuse of having it so I can reread the story in a "new" way. But, really, mostly, this is just an excuse to buy things. We love buying things. We’re suckers.

    It’s better to have higher quality-control, and that means using the criterion of "Is this something that will probably bear rereading?" when figuring out what you want to spend your money on. Maybe that sounds pedantic to some of you guys. Whatever. Go ahead an spend $100 or so on 30 comics that you only read once, and each only take like 8 minutes to read, and never read them again, and read so many comics (once only) that you forget what happened in what issue exactly. If that’s your idea of a good time, go for it. But I’m saying, it’s better as a rule to concern yourself much more with things that hold up, that reward rereading, reward thinking about more than once.

  17. they TOTALLY ripped me a new one (I’m "Matt from Alberta, Canada"), but that’s okay. I deserved it. I’m gonna try out Chew, Echo and Batman & Robin. I’ll also attempt to jump into Amazing Spider-man.

  18. It wasn’t your fault Matt! You took the fall for the greater population!  We’re here for you!

    I jumped into Amazing Spider-Man. You’ll be just fine! Have fun, and thanks for being a good sport!

  19. Thanks Josh, I know it’s all in good sport. I quickly read up some info on what’s currently happening in Spider-man and it looks pretty interesting and grounded I’m gonna start by reading this weeks comic that brings in the Rhino, thanks for mentioning that since I love Spider-man as a character but honestly didn’t even think of picking that up. 

  20. I think I can express the sentiments of many in asking, "Please live Ustream more often!" Had a ball listening in before my Saturday night got started.

  21. Matt: You suck, how dare you! The iFanboy community is ashamed of you. You gross me out!

  22. @silveragetom they talked about stumptown on the live broadcast,

  23. Yo Sheppard=sheppard….duH X not cable(think about it) Big orange sack= that’s on you. Siege = pick O’ da week! You know it. Once again Kill-Patrick shows not only can he handle his liquor, he can handle his coimix,keep killin’ it Killah. Flannigan you ba***rd, "Savage Land" High O’!!!!!

  24. @Matt, if they’re still in the shop and you have the cash, the last two Spideys, featuring Sandman, were fantastic, story and art alike. I think that’s #615 and #616.

     I love the idea of rereading stuff, but there’s all that new stuff to get through.

  25. Yeah, I was kinda confused about Proof as well.  But I am still looking forward to the new issues in the series. 🙂

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