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2011 All Media Year End Roundup (Part Two)

Show Notes

It’s the SIXTH annual iFanboy All Media Year End Roundup! Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick discuss everything they enjoyed in media in 2011. In part two it’s all about video games, books, podcasts, music, and comic books!

Don’t forget to check out part one where we discussed movies and television of 2011!

Running Time: 01:07:20

Video Games:
00:01:23 – WWE All-Stars
00:04:16 – Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

00:06:43 – “The Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins
00:07:47 – “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
00:10:53 – “See A Little Light” by Bob Mould
00:13:26 – “Supergods” by Grant Morrison
00:14:26 – “Reamde” by Neal Stephenson

00:20:28 – Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
00:23:26 – WTF with Marc Maron
00:26:07 – The Tobolowsky Files

00:30:07 – “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” by Noel Gallagher
00:31:46 – “Pedals” by Rival Schools
00:32:50 – “El Camino” by The Black Keys
00:35:02 – Wugazi
00:36:24 – “Rolling Blackouts” by The GO! Team
00:37:54 – “The King is Dead” by The Decemberists
00:38:40 – “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” by M83
00:39:30 – Suede live in London
00:41:26 – Christie Front Drive live in Brooklyn

Comic Books:
00:43:29 – Criminal: The Last of the Innocent
00:44:27 – Uncanny X-Force/Wolverine & the X-Men/Uncanny X-Men/New Mutants
00:45:24 – Scalped
00:46:28 – Fantastic Four
00:47:19 – Daredevil
00:48:50 – Northlanders
00:50:08 – Rocketeer Adventures
00:51:23 – Love and Rockets: New Stories, Vol. 4
00:51:55 – Thunderbolts
00:52:44 – Chew
00:53:20 – Savage Dragon
00:54:03 – Reed Gunther
00:55:12 – Batman
00:55:51 – The Flash
00:56:28 – Wonder Woman

The Three Best People Working in Comics – 2011:
00:57:40 – Jason Aaron
00:58:56 – Scott Snyder
01:01:17 – Rick Remender

“Second Day of the Year”



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  1. No Arkham City? Granted I know Conor doesn’t play them, just surprised no one else did….

    Also, if I had a choice for the best three people working in comics it would be:

    Snyder (no duh)
    Rob Guillory
    Jeff Parker

    Mark my word, Parker is going to be doing some A-level titles this year…..At least I hope Marvel is smart enough to let him do A-titles.

  2. oh snap! i forgot that a new the go! team album came out this year. i have to download that shit now.

  3. Anybody else having trouble downloading this? Cause it’s not showing up on my iTunes feed.

  4. I was hoping you guys would talk about David Comes To Life! Definitely one of the best albums of 2011.

    I LOVE these podcasts…a year is a pretty damn long time, and alot of the entertainment we digest falls through the cracks and gets forgotten. Thanks to this show, though, I always remember a few things that I enjoyed throughout the year.

    • You know I love that record – but couldn’t talk about everything unfortunately, had to limit it as clearly I bored Josh and Conor with my music discussion 😉

  5. Thanks a ton guys! I always enjoy your year end round ups. Great stuff as always.

    Regarding the comic books you chose to mention. I couldn’t agree more with the books you brought up. Only a couple on there that I don’t read. And as far as the rest that I do, perfectly put on all.

    The general consensus amongst comic fans currently is that DC is killing Marvel. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve read in the comments sections on this site recently that Marvel is sucking beyond all reason and had a horrible year. I definitely agree that DC won the year in terms of attention and impact. But have said all along after reading all 52 new DC titles that Marvel was depsite popular opinion, still putting out more quality books. The gigantic failure of Fear Itself in conjunction with the exciting newness of the new 52 created a mass case of tunnel vision throughout comicdom. But if you pay attention to the books the i-guys picked to discuss (Not trying to kiss ass. But I consider Ron/Conor/Josh to have by far the best taste of any comics podcast around), more Marvel books made this segment than DC. Interesting, eh? And for the record, I couldn’t agree more with the DC books included on this list. Pretty much my favorite 3 of the new 52.

    • If you count all the X-Men books as one then it’s 5 Marvel books and 5 DC books.

      We were just trying to spread the love around as much as possible. But while we definitely could have talked about more DC books, there weren’t many more Marvel books to talk about. I think Josh is down to reading 4 or 5 Marvel books, total. And I’ve cut my Marvel list way, way down.

    • Oh no, not this again! lol.

      I know the technicality. But I’m not counting Vertigo titles, Conor. When people say “DC is kicking Marvel’s ass”, they aren’t talking about Scalped and American Vampire. Yes, of course DC the company publishes those Vertigo titles. They get credit for those books, yes. But in terms of the fanboy discussion and superhero war, it’s 616 vs New 52. That was what I was referring to. So in that case, it’s 5-3. 😉

    • And C, I’m not trying to bash DC, bro! You don’t need to defend them here. I was only pointing out that it has become beyond fashionable to say that Marvel is putting out garbage. I read it in nearly everything comment section on this site on a daily basis. Just today I read multiple comments referring to Marvel’s “terrible year”.

      My point is only that Marvel has put out a lot of great books this year. Fear Itself was not good, and the Avengers books have grown stale. But there have been a lot of great books otherwise. That was my only point. Marvel sucks is a misnomer that needs to change. It’s causing a lot of great 2nd and 3rd tier Marvel books to get passed over.

      DC kicked ass and took names as well. They came back from borderline irrelevance and jumped to the forefront of the industry. That’s amazing. Great for them. It’s just a little sad that so many view things as having to be a competition. Just because one thing is good again, doesn’t mean the other sucks.

      And yes, Vertigo is most definitely DC.

    • @j206: This is where we disagree. I’m not so much defending DC as confirming that Marvel had, on the whole, a terrible year, creatively. And a handful of books aside they continue to be mired in that slump.

    • I think that, on the whole, Marvel had a bad year, creatively. I dropped a lot of Marvel books this year, books that i have read for a long time. Yes, marvel had some high points (Daredevil was outstanding, FF has been good, people are raving about Uncanny X-Force) but they have also had a lot of lows. I think, on the average, marvel had a down year. The few great books don’t raise the grade enough to say they had a successful year creatively. DC books, on the average, were better, in my opinion.

  6. Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

    Great show, great podcast, great site. Here’s to a great year!

  7. That CM Punk guy you mentioned in the beginning is also a comic book reader. If I’m not mistaken, his favorite writer is Brubaker. Also, there’s a rumor going around that he might do something with Jill Thompson for Marvel.

  8. No love for Ultimate Spider-Man? 🙁
    Oh, well… Thanks for the great year of shows ifanboys it was a lot of fun.

  9. I have to agree with you guys that the Hunger Games is awesome. Read the Trilogy last year. I really loved The Hunger Games, thought Catching Fire was good, but hated Mockingjay, especially the ending. I’ve also read Supergods this year, and loved it. I’m a huge fan of Morrison, and Supergods was just entertaining.

  10. you’re not wrong about the Tobolowsky Files, that’s a great podcast. I love david chen as much as i love him.

    Where’s the Ink Panthers podcast? that show is hilarious

  11. A couple of things that are going to make me sound like an arsehole.

    I saw the Black Keys at ANU in Canberra years ago – before they were cool. (that’s a joke) Anyway, I’m mates with a dude who is a lot like Kramer, somehow he manage to strike up a conversation and spent the night drinking with them.

    Also, the latest GO! team album really is an empty shadow of their first album Panther Dash which came out in, like, 2006-2007. That album has the same sound but is a thousand times more catchy and re-playable. You should go back and listen to that one

  12. Every year I’m amazed at the amount of movies, tv, word books, music, etc that you guys take in/keep up on in addition to running this web site, recording your podcasts, and having to read a ton of comics for it. And Josh even has a kid! I have none of those things and feel at times burdened to keep up with all of my different forms of entertainment. Bravo, sirs. Well done.

  13. Ohh wow, I think you guys sold me on MATES. Already at the 4th episode. Thanks

  14. Those who love The Hunger Games should definitely check out Battle Royal.
    Basically the same thing. Just japanese so a little more crazy but super awesome.

  15. That list of music reads like a Kieron Gillen spotify playlist, or as I like to call them: post-emo easy listening guides to bands people liked in 2006. All that is missing is Ratatat, Ladytron and Of Montreal.

    I like my music to be a bit crappier. My 2011 albums are:

    Absu – Abzu
    Vektor – Outer Isolation
    Loss – Despond
    Mournful Congregation – Book of Kings
    Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

  16. My favorite pop culture stuff of 2011:

    1) Tom Katers had an awesome but short lived baseball podcast called “talk the talk, balk the balk.” Google it or search in iTunes. Ron and Conor both made appearances.

    2) My favorite video game of the year was a browser game believe it or not. Incredibly charming with fantastic music and approachable gameplay. Can’t recommend it enough. Don’t worry there’s no pop-ups. greatgatsbygame.com

    3) This year was the year I started following the professional fighting game scene. eventhubs.com and shoryuken.com are two great sites to follow the major news and developments. There’s a major tournament going down almost every week now that it’s become so popular. They are always streamed live at this site teevox.com under the “fighting” tab.

  17. Thanks so much for cluing me in to these awesome podcasts. I listened to the Standhope and Sudekis podcasts already. Very cool and insightful stuffs.

    Here’s to iFanboy for having another STELLAR YEAR!!!

  18. Fantastic show once again but more importantly thank you for mentioning The Tobolowsky Files. I have been looking for a new podcast. Ron was right this is the greatest thing ever. Thank you very, very much!

  19. After listening to this, I downloaded and listened to a bakers dozen of “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.” Absolutely hilarious.

  20. Why the frowning upon wearing the bands shirts to a concert? I understand not wearing a Batman shirt to a batman movie etc, but I don’t get the concert “rule” lol

  21. Christie Front Drive very good…I loved that whole Crank record scene in the late 90s.
    My personal 3 favorite record this year: Nothington-Borrowed Time (very good rock and roll…sort of a Social D vibe), Samiam-Trips, and Copyrights-North Sentinal Island. Best EPs: Hot Water Music/Bouncing Souls-Split single and Against Me!: Russian Spies.

  22. Love that MATES and Walter Schreifels both got shout outs on this episode. You guys are as much comic-ologists as Mike and Tom are snack-ologists.

  23. Not gonna lie, you guys sounded like 50 year old men during the gaming segments, which to me is comedy gold. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  24. Great year, thanks

  25. Video game-wise: Pinball FX on Xbox marketplace has great Marvel character tables. FF, Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America. And they just added Moon Knight, Thor, X-Men, and Ghost Rider. They’ve got several other cool tables to boot. Go buy them so they’ll make more! http://nerdreactor.com/2012/01/04/vengeance-and-virtue-dlc-review-pinball-fx-2/

  26. I finally understand what “Ratings…Ratings….Ratings” was all about.

  27. You iFan-peeps do such an awesome, awesome job of telling me about great stuff I need to be reading, watching and listening to (and eating, via the slowly-produced-yet-always-loved-and-appreciated Taste of Comics!). I was listening to parts 1&2 of your year-end wrap up in my car, and I kept having to pull over to the side of the road to put so many of your suggestions into my phone’s Notes list. Yes, I realize you place a list of all that right here for us – but I’m usually too excited to wait to get home to find it. Thank you so much for all the hard work and long hours that all of you put into iFanboy; it makes my life so much better.

  28. Thanks so much for talking about Mike And Tom Eat Snacks. I’ve blown through the first ten episodes and it’s absolutely hilarious. Can’t believe i hadn’t heard about it before now.

  29. The All Media year End Roundup is always great. In the past I discovered Mad Men and breaking Bad through it, now I’m all about Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. Also bought five Neal Stephenson books the other day. Couldn’t decide which one sounded the best, so just bought a bunch of them. Can’t wait to get to those!

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