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  1. I like this mini a lot so far.  This issue is looking to be no different.

  2. I agree mistersizzle. I didn’t buy the first series of young avengers but I have been happily suprised with this mini. I bought it on a whim and they have me interested enough to buy the second series when it is released. I enjoy how each book is focusing on one character at a time, but still including supporting characters.

  3. This was very blah to me, and I was a huge fan of the original Young Avengers.  I like all the characters, but I really thought this was a ‘nothing happened’ kind of issue, and really, nothing has happened in the whole mini.

  4. I really liked the art, is this the new She-Hulk artist? The styles are very alike.

  5. Sadly. this was the weakest of the issues so far.

  6. I really enjoyed Young Avengers: Wiccan and Speed (crap names). It was a nice quiet tale, with the brothers wandering around Marvel Earth to known Wanda-spots, and bumping into an old West Coast Avengers enemy (guess who), allowing for a wee bit of necessary retconning.

    The daft thing was that Wiccan didn’t just say ‘takemetopoormischaracterisedwandatakemetopoormischaracterisedwandatakemetopoormischaracterisedwanda’.
    The story could have ended on page 2 – OK, that would have been silly, but the question should have been addressed.

  7. Doesn’t the artist’s style remind you of Joshua Middleton (NYX, and ummm… can’t think of another one… i’m sure there’s more)??

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