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Diana discovers that the men out to kill her and the other surviving Amazons are only the tip of the iceberg…but can even Wonder Woman survive her battle with the horrific creatures called the Keres?

"DC 75th Anniversary" Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III

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  1. We’re three issues into this arc and yet I still am not feeling really pulled into this.  I know it’s a ‘new’ Wonder Woman, but I’m not sure it’s the one I want to read about after this arc.  I think it may heavily depend on the creative team.

  2. @misterkent – I feel the same. Last issue was just OK.

  3. Last issue was weaker than #601 (& its setup in #600), but I’m still in (unlike Superman, JMS).

  4. We’re three issues into this arc and my ass is kicked and my mind is blown.

  5. 602 has been my favorite issue so far.  It made me finally "buy into" this "new Diana"

  6. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with this book, it hasn’t really grabbed me either, but I don’t hate it the way I hated JMS’s Superman.

  7. I dropped it last issue. The cheesy soldier talk killed it for me.

  8. @Nawid: So three panels out of three issues made you drop this book eh? That’s interesting to me. You do not tolerate bad dialog.

  9. Last issue she talk off the dreadful jacket. I hope the Keres (whatever they might be) shred it to pieces. Jackets are for when it is cold, Diana, so therefore should go down to your butt.

  10. jackets are also for fashion. Im not saying her jacket is fashionable, but they do have more than one purpose. Also jackets by definition short. A jacket covering her bum would be a coat.

  11. Decent issue. More time should have been spent in Hades though. It is the most interesting thing that has happened so far and it was just glossed over. Also am I supposed to know the guy at the end?

    Current theory is either Hades left Hell and is behind this OR somehow someone trapped all the gods. 

  12. My store’s issues didn’t come in today but the variant cover did so I ended up paying a buck more. I’m sure it will be worth it.

  13. I rarely buy variants. I did on this book. I am getting this to set aside for my Grandaughter should she ever have an interest in comics. I thought this arc was going to be worth remembering. So far it is good, not milestone, but good.

  14. I enjoyed this issue more so than the last two. I’m excited for the next issue to see how it plays out.

  15. The switch in artists made this choppy for me. The script was a little weaker than Previous issues I think.

  16. I don’t like that Wonder Woman looked so scared (never let them see you sweat) and I don’t like her dialog at points (I don’t remember the words used, but she sounded too silly).  The underlying story is interesting, but everything else was a little rough.

  17. Can’t say I’m crazy about this new direction. It’s not really something that redefines the character — it’s just redefing her current situation. Expected better.

  18. I’m enjoying this story arc, this last issue , i must admit is not the best one but the trip to hades has me asking the same question, is Hades behind all of this?  I will definitely stick around to find out.

  19. This issue was better than last, but I agree Diana sounds a little too girlish or juvenile rather than like regal or assertive, like an Amazonian princess who’s the chosen one should sound like.

    The new costume has grown on me, I like the black tights….not gonna pretend WW isn’t an object of sexual fantasy to me, it’s part of her appeal.

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