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  1. This has the words "War Of Kings" on it. So I will buy it. I am a consumer whore

  2. I would do terrible things to own the original art for that cover.

  3. "War if Kings" certainly is the mark of quality at Marvel thse days.

  4. I;m a little iffy on this one since the last non-DnA written War of Kings tie-in was less than stellar.

  5. @Parker:  Are you referring to the tie-in for the sake of tie-ins that was "War of Kings: Skaar: The Savage World" piece of crap?  One bad tie-in so far is a pretty good record.  But it is also Gage-written just as Skaar was, so you could be right, it may just suck!  

    Still, great cover. 

  6. Already read this online. It is not worth the $3.99 cover price.  75-80% of the story is a Gladiator Origin story. 

  7. @nmoline: Gladiator’s not familiar to me, and neither was Darkhawk.  Is the origin story a reprint?  That’s what kind of bugged me about the Darkhawk comic.  They should have just retold the origin, rather than reprint it.  Still it was kind of interesting.  I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop.

  8. I’ll probably get it since Gladiator’s a fun character and I don’t believe I’ve ever read an origin story of his.  Is it safe to assume there are similarities with Superman’s exploding planet origin?

  9. I don’t know if I’m picking this up or not.  I’ll flip through it at my LCS and we’ll see.

  10. Asrar is an amazing artist.  I might pick this up just to see the first work he does for Marvel.  Hoping it won’t be the last

  11. Great Gladiator story. Middling Blastaar story. Neither one is the least bit essential for WoK.

  12. Whats wrong with a Glladiator origin story?  Has It ever been told?  I believe it is important to know the motivations behind his actions in WoKs.  Up until issue five he was easily one of the most important characters, rivaling Black Bolt and Vulcan.  Where Gladiator’s loyalties lie, that is where you will kind the winner of this war.

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