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  1. Not terribly excited for this, but I haven’t been disappointed by Abnett and Lanning yet.

  2. I wonder how many copies does Ron have of Darkhawk #2?

  3. I felt this was better than last issue.  I’m curious to see how "The Raptors" fit into the War of Kings.  Could have done without the reprinted issue and just sold it for 2.99 instead.

  4. Wow… I probably would have been fairer to this book if I hadn’t been disappointed by pretty much every book I read this week. There was no reason we couldn’t have done an over-sized one-short for Darkhawk here. There’s a barely enough story to carry both issues. Supremely disappointed. I was expecting to be pulled into the story of this character, instead I found him to be whiny but that woman Mickey to be even more of a pain. She friggin’ antagonizes him into showing his anger because we were too lazy to bring it about naturally. I expect far more talent from Cebulski, Abnett and Lanning.

    I also felt that the art this book was muddled, at best. I was often confused looking at some of the panels thinking "What is it I’m supposed to be seeing?" I also had the feeling of "There’s too many things in each panel it’s giving me a headache." 

  5. this was good and does make me curious about what is about to come with darkhawk.  sure i didnt like turbo in this issue, she was kind of a pain in the butt.  i can do with no more loners group meetings for a wile.  but over all i liked this book and am glad i got it.

  6. @PraxJarvin: I’m with you 100%.  Mickey was totally daring him to get pissed off.  This should have been a one-shot, BUT I was unfamiliar with Darkhawk, so I enjoyed getting the backstory, but I could have lived without it.  I couldn’t make out what was happening during the big battle in the new story and I still have no idea what they were fighting.  That said, it should have been one book, I could have lived without the backstory, the boy needs to not whine quite so much, but I’m curious to see what happens to his character in War of Kings.

  7. This was okay – the art during the battles was so heavily rendered (a.k.a. full of fine lines) that I found it confusing, and the characters looked heavy-set/thick out of costume.  Although I found these two issues entertaining enough, I really like what it’s setting up and I’m looking forward to Ascension.  Also, I could do without the reprint material but only if it means a lower cover price.

  8. The art was not telling me a story, just confusing and hard to follow.  The story was ok, but was I the only one feeling a strong Sinestro vibe from the new Raptor?  And am I slow or did the newly arrived Raptor go completely nameless?

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