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  1. YAY!!!!

    Really looking forward to this one. I have a feeling my POTW will either go to this or batman rip.

  2. I loved the first arc. God, does that make me emo?

  3. @BrianBaer – No, that makes you a man with good taste.

    The first arc was amazing, but I guess I’ll wait for the trade… That’s how I got the first one. 

  4. Yay, amazing!

  5. Sweet Jesus it here! Ya!

  6. Ooh, I’m quite tempted by this. I don’t normally go Indie in issues, but this looks good.

  7. This is my most anticipated comic to read this week.

  8. This comic is a conundrum to me, can I hate My Chemical Romance and all that it stance for and yet abosulutelly love this comic?  I maybe a hypocrite but I love Gerrad Ways Writting (In Comics) I just wish that with the movie it doesn’t turn in to "twilight" I got douchechills just thinking about it.

  9. People can be so strange. Why do you care the writer is in a band you don’t like? What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

  10. @deadspace – it was a joke…anyway I hope the series does well.

  11. Love the character designs.

    The First Arc was really good.


  12. I really loved Apocalypse Suite, and I’m happy that the second series is out already. I’m a little worried about Jim Lee doing the alternate cover though. I don’t want Lee’s penchant for being late rubbing off on Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way. I don’t want another WildCats vol.4 incident occuring with this book.

  13. <– umbrella academy… not, actually not at all. haha.

    Looking forward to what’s next. Glad to see their still around.  

  14. Yes the opening page had me rolling on the floor cant wait for the rest of the series

  15. Rampaging Monuments are AWESOME!

  16. this is so fucking good.

  17. this was awesome in every way.

  18. Outstanding. My pick this week.

    Anyone not picking this up because of Gerard Way’s other occupation needs to overcome their prejudices and pick this up, it’s fucking awesome.

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