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  1. To those of you how pulled this book, I wouldn’t spend the money on it. I got the single issue, and really, it was pretty lame. Granted one issue about –

    Spoiler right here ->(Ultimate Leader) –

    was good. but that one issue out of 4. Normaly I love Ellis work, but this was a major let down, that really had not over all point to the Ultimate comics. Not like it matters anymore, now that Lobe has f*cked up the comic Ultimate.

    So, don’t spend 16.00 + Tax on this book, because it’s really not worth it.

  2. Thank JoeCom, for saving me some money.  Perhaps Freakangels?

  3. Hey wait, this was a pretty good mini. It proves that these Ultimate versions can carry a series without the use of the Ultimates in general. Again I would love to see a full blown Ultimate Iron-Man or Hulk series. Sure it more focuses on the villain but he was such a great villain it is worth reading.

    It’s Joe’s opinion but give it a try at least Bob, it isnt bad.

  4. @ UncleBob: well with freakangels, you can just read it for free online, Ellis made it as a web comic. just go to  freakangels.com. But if you are looking for a good Ellis comic, get NextWave, if you haven’t read it yet.  

     @thenextchampion: True they had a good villian. But the comic it self, it won’t matter in the long run. That is, if it true that soon all Ultimate comics will be canceled, except for Ultimate Spider-man and Ultimate Fantastic Four. Witch won’t be a bad thing, seeing as Lobe really trashed The Ultimates, Ultimate X-man has been going down, and stuff like Ultimate Iron Man II was just a major let down. And even if the Ultimate comic aren’t getting canned, I don’t see any one use the event in Ultimate Human any time soon.

    True, with comic it "to each his own" But i still say Ultimate Human is just not worth the time and money. But hay, it not like i’m holding a gun to anyones head.

  5. ULTIMATE HUMAN was 3/4 really good, and 1/4 really lame.

  6. marvel is canning ultimate x-men and ultimate fantastic four now.  that is what the feb solicitations say anyway


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