Abuli and Bernet’s masterpiece, Torpedo, is the story of Luca Torelli’s rise from the gutters to become the top killer-for-hire in 1930s New York City. The Torpedo, along with his constant companion, Rascal, wreaks swift and terrible underworld justice on all those unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

Abuli’s stories are full of cruel and morbidly dark humor, and Bernet’s art style is perfect for showcasing New York as a both stylish and grim. Together they work seamlessly to create a classic and timeless series.

Story by Enrique Abuli
Art & Cover by Jordi Bernet

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  1. This is a great gangster series.  Case and point: the original artist bailed because the writing was too gritty for him.  Luca’s a real prick.  Reminds me of the Parker books only with short stories instead of an ongoing one.  I’m in. 

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